Product Management

Product Management at Zalando thrives on creating impactful solutions that elevate our customers’ experiences. Stakeholder management is key to build and maintain trust-based relationships, with a keen eye on priorities, the flow of information, collaboration and our KPIs. Operating where ambiguity meets innovation, Product Managers work closely with the data science and engineering teams to turn complex problems into actionable insights. Through leadership that embraces continuous growth as much as change to drive improvement, we contribute to Zalando’s success as the fashion destination of choice.

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Who we are

Our team values leadership, collaboration and growth. We live these principles and define priorities based on a deep understanding of our work that happens at the intersection of business and customer needs. On this foundation we can build strong, positive relationships across the entire business with collaborations as our cornerstones. We pride ourselves in taking ownership and remaining calm under pressure. We give and receive feedback, contribute ideas and drive improvement, because when our team succeeds, we succeed. We engage with the Zalando product community to stay current on best practices and foster innovation because together, we are shaping the future of Zalando.

How we work

Solve something that matters

We start with an experience worth creating and then work backwards. To achieve desired outcomes, we focus on critical inputs that we can control. 

Keep it simple

Simple solutions scale quickly and are robust. Complicated ones are often a sign that we haven’t understood the problem yet. To get there, we choose accomplishment over activity. We challenge our routines and don’t meet just because it’s Thursday. 

High challenge, high support

You’ll receive continuous feedback from across the business to help you to keep finding the best solutions and raising the bar together with your team. Magic happens in teams. To build strong teams, we give our best and hold each other to high standards. When colleagues do great things, we make sure to recognise them.

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Senior Product Manager

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