do.BETTER — Our D&I strategy

At Zalando, we strive to be inclusive by design, bringing to life the diversity of our talents, leaders, customers, and partners. Our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Strategy, do.BETTER, sets out our commitment to build a company in which respect and inclusive behaviour is second nature.

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do.BETTER impact areas

Embracing diversity is critical to growing our business and building world-class teams. We want to empower people to express themselves – from our own employees to our customers and partners. It’s a priority for everybody at Zalando, and we have 12 specific commitments organised around four core pillars to support our vision and provide focus for our actions.

Create an inclusive workplace for our talents

To be an inclusive workplace that provides fair access to opportunities and a sense of belonging where all our employees can thrive.

Accelerate leadership accountability and diverse representation in leadership

For leaders to actively shape an environment that models diversity, equity and inclusion, and to intentionally pave the way for internal talent to cultivate career ambitions within Zalando.

Provide inclusive experiences and representative content for our customers

To welcome more people who have historically been underserved in the fashion industry to a more inclusive Zalando experience. We challenge stereotypes and embrace inclusivity.

Foster diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry for and with our partners

To drive positive change to foster D&I in the fashion industry for, and with, our partners.

Our Employee Resource Groups

The communities supporting and amplifying employee voices at Zalando

Zalando’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are communities organized independently by our employees and generally formed on the basis of shared identity or experience.

ERGs enhance workplace culture and foster a diverse and inclusive environment. They aim to create safer spaces where colleagues come together, raise awareness and support, and amplify employee voices to inform leadership about the needs of their communities.

Our employees initiate community projects and act as advisors and a sounding board on many projects around diversity and inclusion within the company. The ERG program is one of many Zalando sponsored measures aiming to ensure a more respectful and inclusive company culture, as stated in our D&I strategy, do.BETTER.

In alphabetical order, these are our current 10 ERGs and their self-presentation:

Formed by Zalando employees who identify as part of the Asia-Pacific community, the group advocates for and represents their experiences to create a more inclusive environment that considers intersectionality. They form a safe space to support, care for, and nurture members in and outside of Zalando.

The Black Employee Connection provides a safe space for Black employees to celebrate and empower Zalando’s Black community through the amplification of Black voices, the advancement of Black excellence, and by driving inclusion and sustainable change within Zalando.

The Mental Wellbeing Community exists to help Zalando employees nurture the mental health and wellbeing of themselves and people they work with. The group aims to promote a safe platform for exchange on mental wellbeing challenges in their various forms and increase knowledge through thought-provoking enablements and events.

The Muslim Community Network is a group of volunteers who want to provide a platform for Muslims to connect, share and empower each other to be successful inside Zalando and with our careers.

The Neurodiversity ERG aims to create awareness, provide an exchange platform and understand the current neurodivergent community at Zalando. They support in building a more inclusive and understanding environment for our colleagues with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Tourette Syndrome, or other neurodivergent conditions, but also teams and leads. The ERG’s goal is to have clear processes in place for employees to advance their careers and to become attractive for new talents and for them to have a great recruiting experience.

Women in Finance (WiFi) is  a community of women in any financial field at Zalando aiming to provide networking and personal development. By creating safer spaces that promote mutual support and women empowerment, we enhance our personal and professional growth potential. 

Zalando Parents Group is a parent-led initiative that aims to improve the representation of working and expecting parents at Zalando, helping to make Zalando even more family-friendly and inclusive. 

The goal of Zalando Women in Tech is to inspire and support women pursuing technology careers at Zalando. This group creates a space for women to share their ambition, knowledge and experience and aims to bring awareness and raise the visibility around the contributions and achievements of women in tech. Additionally, the group aims to create partnerships inside and outside of Zalando to attract, grow and retain more women in technology and engineering careers

This group aims to create and foster opportunities for empowerment of women at Zalando and beyond. The Zalando Women’s Network drives career development and community-building initiatives for anyone who identifies as a woman or supports this goal. 

The members form a strong network where they connect, share experiences and empower others.

The Zalando LGBTQI+ ERG aims to connect and strengthen the community of LGBTQI+ employees. The group creates an open and inclusive environment where LGBTQI+ employees and allies feel a sense of belonging, and help Zalando to be a social change maker, ensuring that no one gets left behind.