Pieces of Me: How ZEOS is Taking the Guesswork out of European Logistics 

In the new podcast episode on Pieces of Me, Dan Persa, Head of Engineering for ZEOS Logistics, gives insight into ZEOS, Zalando’s new logistics ecosystem. Dan highlights the platform’s unique offering to all brands, his teams’ contribution to its success, and what’s important to him as a leader. 

2 min
18 April 2024

Zalando Podcast welcomes Dan Persa, Head of Engineering at ZEOS

How can a brand manage order fulfillment across multiple platforms in all of Europe? This is more than a question, it’s a problem. 

For many Europe-based fashion brands and those that want to expand into the European market, fulfilling orders placed all over Europe on their own e-commerce website and various platforms face the same problem: the lack of a logistics structure. 

This is where Dan’s teams at ZEOS make all the difference. A centralized order fulfillment system across 23 European countries, connected to over 40 carriers, and with the ability to also manage returns, he outlines the unique capabilities of the ZEOS platform. 

“Our engineers define ZEOS as the order orchestrator between multiple retailers and multiple fulfillment networks. Zeos takes care of extensions or customizations for unique customer needs by using standard Zalando capabilities.”

In his chat with Janine Matos, Dan gives insights into his leadership role, his special relationship with the quote “don’t reinvent the wheel”, and that attracting the right people for the open roles he has in both ZEOS hubs in Stockholm and Berlin requires a hiring experience that is second to none. 

“Being customer-centric is the focus of my work. I build amazing teams who build amazing solutions for our customers - as fast as possible. I am looking into how to achieve an amazing hiring experience, because I believe that it is crucial to attract amazing and diverse people.”

Tune into our Pieces of Me podcast for Dan’s insight into:

  • The ZEOS platform
  • Customized solutions for brands’ logistics challenges in the European market
  • The book ‘The Science of Happiness’ as the basis to his leadership approach
  • The four ‘Pieces of Me’ Dan brought, because three weren’t enough 

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