Get to know Mawordi Yusuf, Senior Sales Manager for P-GTM at Zalando

In this in-depth interview, Mawordi offers a great insight into the work of a Senior Sales Manager at Zalando. Do you want to know if you have what it takes to join the Sales Team? Then read on and find out!

4 min
26 March 2024

Hi Mawordi, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! Let’s get started right away: When did you join Zalando, and did you relocate for this position?

I joined Zalando in August 2021 – and yes, I did have to relocate: I am originally from Canada and was living in London when I was recruited for my position initially. 

What is your exact job role at Zalando? What team do you work in – and how would you describe your role?

I am a Senior Sales Manager for the Partner Program, P-GTM. My role is to hunt as well as help brands join the Partner Program which is Zalando's Marketplace business model. I guide them through several stages of onboarding, from Sales Consulting to Platform Onboarding until they are LIVE and operational on the Platform.

What do you like the most about your job?

I truly enjoy the customer-facing aspect of my work as it gives me the ability to connect with my partners on a personal level and assist them in making the right business decisions for them when joining the Partner Program. 

Which part of your business unit/department’s purpose do you connect the most with?

The recent shift and focus on quality vs quantity is one that I connect with the most, and it is always important to realise that being the biggest player in the E-commerce Fashion space should not equate to having an assortment so large that it becomes cumbersome for the Zalando customer when shopping with us.

What makes your team unique or better compared to other company teams?

The level of support that is available to us not only at the management level but also between one another as colleagues on the team is truly one that I have never experienced in my career thus far. It is a team environment that allows for mistakes, places importance on mental health and is extremely supportive both personally and professionally. 

How would you describe your team culture?

I would describe it as supportive, open and fun, yet focused and driven as we constantly work hard to meet tight deadlines, challenging KPIs and while navigating shifting priorities and responsibilities. 

How does your team stay connected while working in our hybrid model?

We have a G-chat Team Space which is constantly active and is a place where we can all go to get any clarification, guidance and support on the many topics that we have to deal with in our daily work as Sales Managers. We also have weekly Team JF where we cover all key topics we have for the week, including highlights, challenges, and action items. 

How do you practise continuous learning in your work?

I try to find organic ways of involving myself in projects that do not always fall within my scope or day-to-day work, as it allows me to exercise my brain differently. I find that there are always transferable skills and knowledge  I gain from many of the projects that I have worked on over the past 2.5 years that I will carry forward in my career.

That sounds great. What makes you proud of working at Zalando?

I think it’s simply great to be working for a company that is a leader in the Fashion Tech space, and it combines my passion for both industries. 

In your opinion: What do candidates need to be successful as Sales Managers at Zalando?

The key to being successful in this role is to be organised and regimented in your daily work and tasks. Once you have a system in place, everything is possible!

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