Product Design & User Experience

We embrace the diversity of our millions of customers across all of Europe. From hunters and gatherers to trend setters, those ‘just having a look’ and the effortlessly cool, our team of content designers, product designers and user researchers is here to serve them all. Using data, UX and product design, our team of experts collaborates to create a memorable shopping experience that meets the needs and desires of our customers, crafting a relationship based on a personalized shopping experience.

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Who we are

Our team does more than design products and user journeys, it crafts relationships with our customers. Backed by research tools and insights, our work is empowered by collaborations with engineers, product managers, and other teams. Brought to life by a team of experts, our approach is guided by data-driven creativity, the DX Product Development Process and/or the 4Ds of Discover, Define, Design and Deliver. The results are meaningful and delightful user journeys that offer shopping experiences which resonate with the unique and diverse needs of our customers.

How we work

A growth mindset

We strive to create a safe space to come as you are to solve something that matters. We start with an experience worth creating and then work backwards. To achieve desired outcomes, our team focuses on critical inputs that we can control. 

Think big, act fast

This is a race. Every day matters. We seize big opportunities without delay. We think “big” and get concrete. In our work, we put purpose first and trust that personal success comes from making the best decisions for the customer.

Fly high and dive deep

We keep the big picture in mind. At the same time, we stay in touch with reality, always ready to dive into details when necessary without getting stuck there.

Meet Thiago

Senior Product Designer

"Meet Thiago, Senior Product Designer. “As a Senior Product Designer,...