IT Consulting & Operations

Internal IT Consulting at Zalando is the driving force behind consulting on complex technical challenges and seamlessly integrating cutting-edge tools and software. We support key stakeholders in and outside our business unit with data-driven identification of products and processes improvements. All tech challenges are in the most capable hands at Zalando. Our Operations team, which is dedicated to providing software and hardware support across the entire company, powers our day-to-day tech service. We are at the forefront of technology and efficiency, where technology empowers every aspect of our business.

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Who we are

Our IT Consulting team of outstanding tech experts who have the expertise that’s needed across our organisation. Armed with their specialised knowledge, our colleagues bring process and tech excellence to empower our tech teams. Our internal consultants play a pivotal role in shaping the technological landscape at Zalando. Join a team where innovation meets problem solving and precision.

Our dedicated Operations team is the backbone that keeps technology running smoothly and provides crucial support to our colleagues across all of Zalando. From hands-on support at our warehouses to the intricacies of networks and systems integration, we ensure everything runs seamlessly - for everyone.

How we work

Fly high and dive deep

We keep the big picture in mind. At the same time, we stay in touch with reality, always ready to dive into details when necessary without getting stuck there.  

A growth mindset

We strive to create a safe space to come as you are so you can think big, seize opportunities, and take risks, knowing that failure is part of the learning curve.

High challenge, high support

You’ll receive continuous feedback from within your team and across the business so you can keep finding the best solutions and raising the bar.