Finance, Analytics & Controlling

In these teams, it’s all about the numbers. Experts who monitor, evaluate, and analyse them are essential to keep Zalando on track - today and in the future. From managing Zalando’s day-to-day balance sheets to forecasting and compliance, thinkers like you secure our business and set new industry standards. In this vital business unit it’s all about the numbers with a passion for precision.

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Who we are

Our team is where numbers get crunched by forward-thinking experts. From daily data to forecasting and compliance, we are the team that backs Zalando’s innovation with financial stability. Our team members have a holistic understanding of finance, analytics and controlling and their in-depth knowledge and strategic decisions in their core area of expertise is what propels us forward.

How we work

A high-performance growth mindset

We strive to create a safe space to come as you are, because that’s when you do your best work. As part of a high-performance team, we give our best and hold each other to high standards. Magic happens in teams.

Act like an owner

“Ownership” means we are accountable for what we develop, how we overcome obstacles and the progress we make. We take responsibility as we collaborate with teams across the company and approach things with a can-do attitude. Circumstances never stop us, because we own our future.

High challenge, high support

You’ll receive continuous feedback from across the business to help you to keep finding the best solutions and raising the bar.