Customer Care

Customers want to be excited in the complete cycle of their shopping journey. Sometimes this means that questions come up or orders change. Our team responds to customer questions on the phone, via e-mail and chat, helping them in customer-focused and solution-oriented ways - and all of this in the customer’s native language. Bring your talent for communication and your passion for problem-solving to our Customer Care team.

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Who we are

In the heart of Berlin, we always have our finger on the pulse. The customer service team at Zalando and Zalando Lounge is the voice and ear of Europe's leading online fashion platform. When someone talks to Zalando, they talk to us. We impress with our understanding and expertise. We are a crucial part of the unique shopping experience at Zalando and take feedback seriously to make our services and processes even better. We are proud of what we do, because we turn our customers into fans.

How we work

A growth mindset

We strive to create a safe space to come as you are. We care about the person beyond their role and we are our team’s biggest fan, because our success comes from supporting our customers.

Caring for our customers

Everything we do is focused on our customers, because they are the reason we’re here. We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes to create an experience that matters. 

Feedback is a gift

We give and receive the gift of feedback that’s honest, supportive and timely. This helps everyone on the team to keep finding the best solutions and raise the bar in customer care. At the same time, we provide each other with support, because we care about the person beyond their role.

Meet Franzi

Senior Lead Customer Care

"Ten years ago, I joined Zalando as a Business Analytics...