Buying & Merchandising

In the Zalando Buying & Merchandising teams we navigate the world of fashion and lifestyle. We make sure a mix of global and local must-have brands and products are available and catch the customers’ eyes. We live and breathe the trends that matter, we inspire customers, fulfill their style needs, hunt for the next big ‘It piece’ and growing Zalando’s reputation by putting together innovative and intelligent selections is what Buying & Merchandising is all about.

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Who we are

The Buying & Merchandising teams are the creative minds behind what you see on our virtual shelves. We want to provide the best possible assortment of apparel, shoes, accessories and beauty products to our large and diverse customer base. Together, we make sure our virtual shopping experience offers consumers what they came for, and more.

How we work

Think big, act fast

We seize opportunities and act bold and fast, because every day matters. We think big and get concrete with adaptive executions that prioritize what’s working, because this is a race. 

Put yourself in our customers’ shoes

Sometimes, in our department, literally. Everything we do is focused on creating memorable moments for our customers. We meet their rising expectations by exciting and inspiring them, because we truly understand what they want and need - now and in the future.

Magic happens in empowered teams

We build strong, diverse teams that come together to give their best for Zalando’s customers. We commit to high standards and support each other to meet them. And we care about each other’s achievements as much as we care about the person behind their role.

Meet Lisa

Buyer Womenswear. Zalando Lounge

"I work with global brands to create collections exclusively for...