Applied Science & Research

Our Applied Science & Research team drives progress at Zalando. Between the Scientific Method and our own tools we find the best way to solve problems for our customers. We guide and perform scientific research in the areas of Machine Learning, Data Science, Economics, Causal Inference, and Operations Research in order to find the best approach to a great solution.

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Who we are

As part of our team, you have a deep understanding of algorithms, mathematics, or the nitty-gritty details of your specific field within Applied Science & Research. We play a crucial role, because our team of scientists break down business problems and reduce uncertainties during the development of Zalando’s state-of-the-art products, such as the build of a virtual fitting room complete with an avatar built based on the data the customer shares. Through scientific discovery we identify practical solutions and find the sweet spot where we can push innovation forward. 

How we work

A growth mindset

At Zalando, we strive to create a safe space to come as you are and to take risks, knowing that failure is part of the learning curve.

Yours to own

When you join our team of researchers, you and your team will have ownership of the work you do. We keep the big picture in mind and often collaborate across departments as we dive deep to solve the big questions and innovate to serve our customers even better. 

High challenge, high support

You’ll receive continuous feedback from across the business to help you to keep finding the best solutions and raising the bar.