Zalandos working for others

For Sylva, helping others is a part of life. In January and February, the Team Lead from Erfurt supported the winter athletes competing in the Thuringia Special Olympics as a Zalando volunteer together with 13 other colleagues.

2 min
19 April 2024

Sylva enjoys helping out and does so wherever she can. When she takes the dog for walks, for example, she often picks up things that others have left on the street. Not because she wants them for herself, but because she can sell them and donate the proceeds for animal food. And Sylva is always involved in our wishing tree campaign, where Zalandos in Erfurt can fulfil the wishes of disadvantaged children every Christmas. “I just think it’s important to support others,” the 42-year-old says. Just recently, she participated in her first official Zalando volunteering activity – as a helper with the Special Olympics in Thuringia.

Some 900 athletes with intellectual and other disabilities participated in the games, Germany’s largest inclusive winter sports event. “The ice rink was completely empty when we got there in the morning,” says Sylva, who has been a part of Zalando for about six years. She and 13 other Zalando employees set up the lanes for curling and Stockschiessen, a similar traditional German sport, assembled stands for guests and moved chairs. It was no accident that she signed up for this activity specifically. Sylva has always felt a kinship with people with disabilities; she was friends with a girl who had Down syndrome as a child.

In her role as Team Lead in Pick, the department where the items for orders are collected, she helps her hearing-impaired colleagues. The Special Olympics definitely won’t be the last time she volunteers, Sylva says. “It means so much more than just not working one day!” And Sylva will be glad to keep wearing the clothes the event organisers gave her, since the slogan printed on them is “I’m happy to help.”

Zalando stands for diversity and inclusion. Those are not just empty words, either, as our colleagues demonstrated by volunteering for the Special Olympics in Thuringia from January 29th to February 2nd, 2024. They helped to set up courts and playing fields, moved mats around and helped with the final celebrations after the games. Zalando gives its employees up to 2 days of paid leave per year for voluntary work. If you would like to find out more about Zalando's social commitment, you can find more information here.