Workshop for the Compliance AmbaZadors with Manuel Meier

In the recent workshop for the Logistic Compliance AmbaZadors, Senior Compliance Manager Manuel Meier shared insights about his role at Zalando and the importance of the Compliance AmbaZadors network for Zalando. 

4 min
27 June 2024

Meet Manuel, Senior Compliance Manager at Zalando

I joined Zalando in 2021 with a focus on enabling compliance at locations outside of Berlin. In my role, I act as a bridge builder between various legal entities, including our German logistic sites, international tech hubs and Zalando SE. During this time, I have created a network of compliance enablers, the Compliance AmbaZadors, who are currently active in many of our locations. This has formed a wonderful network of talented and engaged Zalandos who exchange ideas and discuss challenges with each other.

The role of Zalando's Compliance AmbaZadors

In short, a Compliance AmbaZador is a local, familiar face who provides compliance support to their colleagues. They also help the central compliance team communicate compliance messages more effectively and in a way that is tailored to the needs of the target audience.

To ensure that the central compliance team can uphold comprehensive compliance coverage, we introduced the network of compliance AmbaZadors. This initiative gives our colleagues in logistics and tech locations the opportunity to address compliance-related questions or issues quickly and personally onsite.

The Compliance AmbaZadors are our trusted local Zalandos who volunteer to help their colleagues with compliance questions or problems. Since they do this in addition to their normal work (kudos to the AmbaZadors!), the central compliance team maintains regular communication with them and is always available to support their efforts.

Inspiration for hosting the Logistics compliance workshop at Zalando

An important part of our network is the exchange between individuals, be it on a professional level or on an interpersonal level. 

As this was our first workshop of this kind for the Compliance AmbaZadors across our Logistics and Fulfilment centres, the focus was clearly on providing a platform for exchange on all levels and with a focus on logistics, an important part of our Zalando-DNA and the backbone of Zalando. We developed a two-day agenda packed with team bonding activities and knowledge-sharing sessions.

Elements of the workshop were:

  • Reflecting on the past months/years of the logistics network
  • Defining future projects and initiatives that could be beneficial to our Zalandos in Logistics
  • How to be an even better ally for our local communities – discussing how to communicate in a way that ensures we avoid unconscious bias
  • Deepening our personal relationships by attending a wonderful dinner

Our general approach to training and educating employees on compliance matters

In general, our central compliance team is the owner of the mandatory compliance training, which we use to educate our valued colleagues on how to be "compliant" with Zalando's standards. As an in-house learning hub, we offer a number of face-to-face training sessions throughout the year, including on-site training sessions in the logistics and technology hubs.

In addition, we also maintain compliance e-learning to ensure that Zalandos have access to knowledge whenever they like. 

It is important to see compliance as a service, which is why we also regularly update our intranet page with articles on various topics, including our own articles on various topics. For example, we celebrate important events such as Zero Discrimination Day (March 1st), Global Whistleblower Day (June 23) or Human Rights Day (December 10th).

How to Actively Promote a Culture of Compliance at Zalando

Be kind to each other and treat everyone as you would like to be treated. Also try to think of the bigger picture and avoid things that could conflict with the overall interests of Zalando. And of course, follow all applicable Group Policies. 

The collective can only function like a well-engineered Swiss watch when each of us contributes their best efforts.

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