Thiago's journey as a Senior Product Designer at Zalando Helsinki

As a Senior Product Designer, Thiago is part of the Content Experience team at Zalando. The team's primary focus lies in curating a seamless and engaging journey for Zalando customers. Read on to find out about Thiago's career journey.

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08 January 2024

What do you do at Zalando, and what team do you work in?

As a Senior Product Designer, I am part of the Content Experiences Design team at Zalando. Our primary focus lies in curating a seamless and engaging journey for Zalando customers. From the moment they land on our home page to the exciting exploration of brand hubs and creators' outfits, our team takes pride in inspiring and captivating customers at every step of their Zalando experience.

Where do you see your work having an impact on customers, partners, or our colleagues?

In my role, I actively contribute to fostering user engagement and inspiration. From facilitating effortless access to a curated collection of products from beloved brands to offering inspiration through complete outfits that align with their mood, style, and special occasions. My work revolves around creating a platform that motivates and excites customers on their fashion journey.

How did you end up at Zalando? What made you join?

After years of actively engaging with the Zalando Design community, observing their work, and appreciating their values, I decided to join Zalando. The alignment between my own vision of design and Zalando's philosophy was striking. I can genuinely say that the entire experience of the hiring process was smooth and informative, reinforcing my belief in the company's commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive design culture.

Of course, being a Zalando customer for more than 7 years myself also contributed to my decision to join!

Can you tell us about an interesting project you worked on?

Since joining Zalando, my professional journey has been filled with exciting projects, ensuring that no day feels boring. Among these experiences, one project stands out vividly in my memory. Last year, I had the privilege of collaborating with a prominent Zalando partner, embarking on a venture that allowed me to interact with and present my work and ideas to senior management from both organizations. This opportunity proved to be a pivotal moment for me, as it significantly boosted my confidence in delivering compelling presentations and showcasing my work effectively and with confidence.

What has your growth journey been like with Zalando?

During my two-year tenure at Zalando, I have had the privilege of progressing from a middle-level to a senior designer. This accomplishment fills me with a deep sense of pride, particularly because it comes within a community brimming with exceptionally talented and inspiring designers whom I greatly admire. Being recognized for my growth and contributions within such an esteemed group of individuals is truly gratifying.

What are you passionate about?

I have a genuine passion for continuous learning, with a particular focus on accessibility and data. At Zalando, I am fortunate to be surrounded by ample opportunities to put my interests into practice and expand my knowledge through diverse projects and collaborative engagements with colleagues. This dynamic environment fosters a relaxed yet productive atmosphere that enables me to grow both personally and professionally while pursuing my areas of expertise.

I am also passionate about accessibility as a means of fostering inclusivity. Unfortunately, this crucial aspect of Design is often not given the priority it deserves. Yet, I feel that accessibility is taken seriously at Zalando, and I can take part in many initiatives dedicated to the topic. It brings me great satisfaction to contribute to this important cause.

What is your favorite part about working at Zalando?

Zalando provides me with a remarkable advantage by granting me access to a vibrant design community where I can engage in continuous learning and fruitful collaboration. It's a great opportunity for people aspiring to grow and excel in their professional journey. Moreover, being part of Zalando Helsinki allows me to enjoy the best of both worlds—a close-knit community within the larger Zalando ecosystem with lots of team bonding initiatives that further enhance our collaborative and fun spirit.

How do you stay up to date with the technology and systems you use?

Reading articles provides me with solid material and deep insights on specific topics. Presently, I am an enthusiastic participant in Zalando's Design Book Club which has been a fantastic opportunity for me to exercise my reading muscles, allowing me to relax and enjoy longer periods of reading, not just for educational purposes but also for pleasure.

Also, I have been exploring design-related podcasts, from interviews with industry leaders to roundtable discussions on specific subjects. This is a light way to benchmark what the industry is doing and how I can incorporate it into my daily job.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced at Zalando and how did you overcome it?

Managing multiple projects simultaneously is a common challenge in any large company, and Zalando is no exception. However, the dynamic environment enables me to hone essential skills as a Product Designer, including effective stakeholder management and communication. I embrace these challenges as valuable learning experiences that allow me to grow both professionally and personally.

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