Meet Elizabeth Eke, Talent Acquisition Partner at Zalando

Get inspired by Elizabeth, one of our savvy Talent Acquisition Partners at Zalando. Find out how she joined Zalando, what her job role entails and what keeps her motivated and growing – personally and professionally

5 min
22 March 2024

When did you join Zalando – and what’s your job title?

I joined in April 2022, so it’s been nearly two years! To answer the second part of your question: I work as a Talent Acquisition Partner, supporting the B2B/ZEOS brand. 

How would you describe your role?

The role of a Talent Acquisition Partner is multifaceted and strategic, extending beyond mere recruitment to encompass a broader talent strategy aligned with the company's goals. This position involves not only filling current job openings but also proactively identifying and attracting top talent to meet the company's future needs.

Where are you from? Did you relocate for this position?

Originally, I am from Nigeria, but I didn’t need to relocate for the role, as I joined as an intern after my Masters program and was retained as a full-time employee.

What do you like the most about your job?

There are many things I love about my role: As I play a critical role in shaping the workforce that drives the company's success, I take pride in knowing that my efforts in attracting and hiring the right talent directly contribute to the company's achievements and growth. Secondly, I like being a trusted partner to my stakeholders to advise and influence the hiring process. And lastly, being able to make a positive impact on individuals' professional journeys is very rewarding for me. 

What motivates you daily to do your job?

I love being in a dynamic field that offers continuous opportunities for learning and growth while staying abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in recruitment and human resources. 

The opportunity to make a difference by promoting and implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives within the hiring process motivates me. Knowing I contribute to a more inclusive and diverse workplace is also highly rewarding. Also, I’m a big believer in achieving targets, whether they're related to the number of hires, time-to-fill metrics, or diversity objectives.

How would you describe your team culture?

The team operates on the principle of collaboration over competition, sharing knowledge, resources, and expertise to achieve common goals. There's a strong sense of camaraderie and mutual support. There is a constant pursuit of innovation and excellence in recruitment processes and strategies. 

While the team values the process, there is a strong focus on outcomes and achieving set goals, such as quality of hire, time to fill, and candidate experience metrics. Team members take personal responsibility for their roles and contributions to the team's success, holding themselves and each other accountable for results.

How does your team stay connected while working in our hybrid model?

We mainly stay connected by organising regular meet-ups/hangouts outside work/after work hours. Also booking desks and sitting together to foster togetherness really does increase the team bond. 

What kind of cross-functional work or projects do you work on outside of your immediate team?

My colleague and I are currently collaborating with BPs and colleagues in the Culture and Communications team to organise the next Grow@Zalando event where we will be facilitating the Career Fair aspect of the event. I am already looking forward to it!

What is your personal development story in Zalando, and how do you see it continuing?

I started as an intern in Zalando and can say that I can literally feel my growth. Firstly, I got to develop soft skills, including communication, negotiation, and emotional intelligence, which is essential for effectively engaging with candidates, hiring managers, and stakeholders.

Also, I have gained experience in recruiting for a variety of roles, industries, and levels of seniority which has helped in developing a broad understanding of the job market and different recruitment strategies. And last, but not least, working on recruitment projects – such as employer branding initiatives while collaborating with the Early Careers team – has helped me develop project management and leadership skills.

How do you practise continuous learning in your work?

I see keeping up with the latest trends in talent acquisition, such as new sourcing techniques, and technology advancements as crucial for my ongoing development. Therefore, I regularly read industry publications, journals, and blogs that keep me informed about challenges and innovations in the field. 

In addition, I follow thought leaders and professional groups on platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter, which provides insights into current discussions and developments in talent acquisition. I also think that training sessions within the company and learning to analyse recruitment metrics – as well performance data – helps in sharing knowledge with colleagues, learning from internal experts and making informed decisions. All in all, these tools are great for improving recruitment strategies in general.

Wow – that sounds amazing. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I thrive on a combination of professional knowledge, personal growth, and the constant pursuit of innovation. Drawing inspiration from these diverse sources enables me to remain passionate, motivated, and effective in my role, contributing to the strategic success of the company through talent management.

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