Meet Christian Schmidt, a Team Lead in our Global Media Relations team at Zalando

As a Team Lead in Global Media Relations, Christian is part of the “Corporate Affairs” Unit. Learn about Christian’s particular job responsibilities – as well as the inspirations he draws from. 

3 min
13 May 2024

When did you join Zalando – and did you have to relocate? 

I joined Zalando in January 2021. As I had already been living in Berlin for 4 years, I didn’t have to relocate, which came in handy. 

Could you please describe your role at Zalando in detail?

I am working as a Team Lead in the "Global Media Relations" team within the wider "Corporate Affairs" unit. In Corporate Affairs, we act as advisors to our business stakeholders and engage with media, governments, NGOs, employees and local communities to tell the story of Zalando. We are aiming to shape and protect Zalando's reputation as an innovative, responsible and sustainable company, employer and partner.

In a nutshell, I am Zalando's press spokesperson for logistics.

What do you like the most about your job?

What I love most about my job is the variety. Every day is different, and the ever-changing global news landscape and thus the dynamic interest of the media requires us to constantly assess whether we need to react to certain developments or can proactively set topics on the agenda.

How does your team contribute to the Zalando Group Strategy?

We are basically bringing the ZGS to life by drafting compelling narratives for the several business units and projects so that we can tell the story of Zalando in conversations with the media.

Can you tell us about a particular interesting project you worked on?

What I always enjoy is organising press visits and inviting journalists to our fulfilment or returns centres. In this way, we can not only show what is happening behind the scenes but also debunk common myths about Zalando's operations.

What kind of cross-functional work or projects do you work on outside your immediate team?

As a spokesperson, I have been involved in numerous cross-functional projects, working with both business teams and central functions such as the legal and compliance teams. At Media Relations, we often act as advisors on these projects. Our role is to shape the communications strategy and ensure that the messages conveyed are clear and effective.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from travelling: There's something about exploring new places and immersing myself in different environments that fuels my creativity. I'm even willing to get up at 5 am to catch an early flight or train.

What do you need to be successful as a Team Lead in the Global Media Relations team at Zalando?

To be successful in my job, it is important to maintain a healthy distance and to be able to take an external perspective on internal decisions or projects. It's also important to keep a cool head in stressful situations. Zalando operates in a dynamic environment, and the ability to handle challenges with composure ensures effective problem-solving and decision- making. Adaptability, strong communication skills and risk awareness are key attributes for success in this role.

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