3 questions with Stephan Egler, a Store Manager at Zalando Outlets

Stephan Egler, Store Manager at the Zalando Outlet in Berlin, explains why he loves working at Zalando –  and describes what makes his team and colleagues so special.

1 min
24 May 2024

What do you enjoy most about your work at Zalando?

For me, working at Zalando is exciting every day: challenging, but incredibly fun. I can express myself, I can try out new things, and I’m allowed to make mistakes. I think that's wonderful!

How would you describe your colleagues?

What I find particularly important is the fact that it's absolutely normal for us Zalandos to help and be there for each other. What's also great is that we are very open and transparent, which is why everyone’s opinion matters. This also reflects Zalando's core values perfectly: everyone can truly be who they are, and we're very proud of that. 

What makes your team so special?

There are so many aspects! One thing I would love to point out is that everyone in the team is incredibly helpful: Any question is always welcome. After all, we want to achieve our goals together, so mutual support is the be-all and end-all in my opinion.

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