Zalando B2B: How we shape the future of the Zalando logistics ecosystem with ZEOS

4 min
26 February 2024

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, Zalando logistics is at the forefront, reshaping the landscape with our innovative business-to-business (B2B) services. Zalando B2B is powered by a modern and scalable tech platform, enabling reliable and exciting partner solutions. But there’s more - our commitment to revolutionize the industry is embodied by ZEOS, our brand that takes Zalando logistics capabilities on an exciting new journey.

Empowering Partners: ZEOS's Impact on Zalando Logistics

Zalando makes e-commerce easy for our customers and for our partners. Backed by our tech and logistics expertise dedicated to fashion and lifestyle, we offer innovative Zalando B2B services to our global partners. ZEOS takes these services to the next level with:

  • best-in-class fulfillment solutions 
  • seamless direct-to-consumer business 
  • multi-channel sales, on and off Zalando
  • end-to-end logistics solutions across Europe

What ZEOS stands for at your next job with ZEOS

What ZEOS stands for

At ZEOS, we empower merchants to go beyond, exceeding customer expectations and driving growth. Our goal? To change the e-commerce logistics game. ZEOS is on a path to reinvent how European consumers think about deliveries and drive sustainability through technology. We make it possible for partners to reach millions of customers across Europe. 

Everything we do is aimed at unlocking the full potential of the European market. Our solutions support more than 1.000 fashion and lifestyle brands and retailers selling on Zalando and key sales channels across Europe. Zalando Logistics is the biggest network of its kind in the European fashion and lifestyle industry. Every job at ZEOS contributes to the ZEOS journey. We thrive on positive change, evolving our business, and shaping the industry more sustainably.

Here is what you can expect from a job at ZEOS:

  • Inclusive by design: At Zalando, our purpose is to reimagine fashion and lifestyle for the good of all—and make it welcoming to you to come as you are. 
  • Technology as enabler: Innovation is at the heart of all our products and services. This sets us up for success in leveraging data and building new digital capabilities on top.
  • Find your fit: Join our cross-functional teams of engineers, product managers, and process excellence experts and help us rethink, optimize and improve our services. 
  • Solve complex challenges: Your entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset solves key industry challenges for our partners. 
  • Make a difference: Your input translates to a direct impact for our partners and consumers across Europe. 
  • Transform the industry: Your work drives positive change for our partners. You help them manage all their European sales channels via one stock pool, one carrier integration, and one user interface. 

ZEOS Jobs: Your next career move with Zalando B2B

ZEOS jobs: your next career move

Curious about the specialized teams behind ZEOS? Our teams consist of technology talent, specifically in Software Engineering and Product Management, complemented by sales and marketing experts who make an impact, solve challenges, and innovate in a growing market. Every ZEOS job is an opportunity for you to shape our business, transform the industry, and write your own success story.

Join us at our Berlin HQ or Stockholm office and take the next step in your career. You will create solutions to key problems in response to industry trends and partner needs. In short, you help provide customers with an unmatched level of convenience.  If you share our passion for advancing merchants in the rapidly growing fashion and lifestyle, take a look at all available ZEOS jobs - your gateway to shaping the future of the industry. 

Shaping tomorrow with ZEOS and Zalando B2B

Zalando B2B and ZEOS are transforming e-commerce logistics. Zalando Logistics provides reliable partner solutions and ZEOS elevates the game. Joining the ZEOS journey means unlocking the full potential of the European market. Every ZEOS job contributes to positive change, offering inclusivity, technology-enabled innovation, and the opportunity to make a real impact. Join us, take the next step in your career, and be part of the force reshaping the future.

Let's shape tomorrow together!