Legal, Compliance & Governance

We share a commitment to excellence in the cross-functional and international landscape amongst our group of experts. Our collective expertise spans legal professionals, compliance specialists, and governance experts across all levels of seniority. Together, we form an essential part of Zalando’s success story and reputation as a trusted, responsible industry leader.

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Who we are

Our team of diverse and international experts who are champions and guardians of the legal backbone that allows Zalando to operate responsibly in all areas of the business. We develop and further the strategies that keep all business units in alignment with laws and regulations and set corporate governance standards that ensure transparency and accountability. We support mobility within and between job functions, so come as you are and grow as you choose to. All roles in our teams represent impactful opportunities to work with colleagues across several business units and different seniority levels.

How we work

Be your team’s biggest fan

Magic happens in teams. To build strong teams, we give our best and hold each other to high standards. When colleagues do great things, we make sure to recognise them.

Default to transparency

We provide context and share information by default to enable informed decision making and to flag problems early. We don’t share when it does more harm than good.

Fly high, dive deep

We keep the big picture in mind. At the same time, we are always ready to dive into details when necessary without getting stuck there. You’ll receive continuous feedback from across the business to help you to keep finding the best solutions and raising the bar. 

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Business Continuity & Crisis Manager

"My role involves preparing Zalando for potential major disruptions and...