Business Development & Strategy

We build a solid understanding of our business environment, enabling us to make recommendations on company priorities to shape Zalando’s future. We initiate their implementation from large-scale and complex projects to strategic initiatives and beyond. All projects are taken from planning to action by our Business Development & Strategy team, often in collaboration with other teams and stakeholders. We constantly pivot between day-to-day operations and the big picture, challenging existing priorities and envisioning future opportunities. No matter what we dive into, our work always aligns with the broader perspective and the Zalando strategy.

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Who we are

In our team of Business Development and Strategy experts you are a strategic force that is ready to drive change. We get to the core of complex issues and move from thinking to action as we align with stakeholders and keep an eye on business KPIs. What we bring to the table are solutions that leave no one hungry for the how or the why. Easy-to-understand approaches, strategies and detailed action plans measure up against business goals and challenges. With every move, our team shapes the future of Zalando.

How we work

A growth mindset

We strive to create a safe space to come as you are and to take risks, knowing that failure is part of the learning curve.

In it to win it

Whichever project you join, your team will have end-to-end ownership of it. The magic that happens, happens in teams. To build strong teams, we give our best and hold each other to high standards. When colleagues do great things, we make sure to recognise them.

Fly high and dive deep

We keep the big picture in mind. At the same time, we stay in touch with reality, always ready to dive into details when necessary without getting stuck there.  

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Principle Diversity & Inclusion Business Developer

"I would encourage anyone that is driving the onboarding of...