Pieces of Me Podcast: How company doctors help to shape healthier staff, happier careers, and more effective businesses

In his episode of Pieces of Me, company doctor Thorsten Wehrend gives insight into the often-overlooked role of company doctors and the crucial role they play across all health-related topics from check ups and mental health support to travel advice and preventive habits for good posture at work.

2 min
06 May 2024

Did you know Zalando has a company doctor? According to company physician Thorsten Wehrend, there is still a large number of employees at the company, who didn’t know there’s a doctor on site multiple days per week.

Ensuring employee health and well-being is Thorsten’s focus. He emphasizes the importance of promoting awareness about the role of company doctors to enhance employee health and productivity.

Janine and Thorsten delve into various aspects of workplace health, from the significance of ergonomic workstations to achieving a balanced lifestyle. Thorsten stresses the need for prioritizing colleague well-being to cultivate a modern and efficient workforce. He offers practical tips on setting up workspaces and maintaining mental and physical health across all age groups.

“I always say, life gets in the way.”

As an on-site doctor, Thorsten provides a range of services, from regular health check-ups to offering travel advice and addressing mental health concerns. Through Thorsten's personal reflections, we learn about his passion for music, running, and his focus on preventive healthcare.

Join Janine and Thorsten as they uncover the essential role of company doctors in fostering a healthy and productive work environment, one appointment and ergonomic workstation at a time.

Tune into our Pieces of Me podcast for Dan’s insight into:

  • The essential role of company doctors
  • The many ways in which Zalando fosters a healthy and productive work environment
  • The importance of choosing a sport, any sport, to avoid back pain
  • The three ‘Pieces of Me’ Thorsten brought

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