We are from more than 50 different nations, representing a seemingly endless number of interests, hobbies, programming-language preferences, personalities and so much more. What unites us is the energy and enthusiasm we share in tackling our common purpose: to deliver award-winning, best-in-class shopping experiences to our 25 million active customers. Above all, it requires passion: to experiment, learn, fail, and repeat the process, so that we get stronger and better every day.


We believe by working in small, agile, multi-disciplinary, autonomous teams, and living Radical Agility - a methodology built on trust and backed by an architecture that lets us move fast while keeping complexity low - teams can leverage their creativity and solve hard problems in original ways.


Every Zalando technologist needs to know the why behind what they do. Answering the why is how we achieve purpose. We have created a framework to help you find your purpose with us, to be your best, and to achieve great things.


Zalando promotes autonomy for both individuals and teams. As individuals, we pick our teams, create our own personal and professional development paths (we call them "tours of mastery"), and give each person a voice. At the team level, we self-organize. It’s how we foster trust and respect.


Our passion ultimately focuses on investing in our people. We strive to give you the best support we can: to help you grow, to provide a place where you can achieve mastery and greatness, and where you are inspired every day to do what you do best - both for Zalando and for yourself.


Over the years, we have built a strong community.  We love to share our passions, insights and expertise for technologies and topics we love through 100+ self-organized guilds, internal tech talks, training initiatives, demos, local meetup events, conferences and more. In addition to encouraging an engaged community, we support you in building your reputation as a tech leader - not only among your peers at Zalando, but industry-wide. We know that every new technology and methodology we implement involves a learning curve, so our team are dedicated to helping everyone get up to speed on using the tools they need to work successfully. And if you might wonder how we implement “autonomy, mastery and purpose” in practice and give them meaning, here are some examples:


We follow processes and practices that enable our technologists to work as efficiently, creatively and meaningfully as possible.


We are constantly helping our team stretch and grow in new directions by creating a working environment that is hands-on, inspiring and collaborative.


We want every Zalando to know and understand his or her rights and responsibilities, as well as the rights and responsibilities of their leader and the technology team at large.



Find a workplace in the heart of Berlin built on trust, feedback and empowerment, with Product demos, Coder dojos, Tech Talks and 100+ internal guilds. 


Profit from a competitive salary, 40% staff discount on 1.500+ fashion brands, plus discounts on public transport and loads of exclusive external partner offers. Attend cool parties and events.


International relocation assistance, plus support with all municipal services, makes for an easy start. Build a great life for you and your family, with flexible working hours, time off for volunteering, an active parents network, parent & child rooms* and multilingual family services.


Take advantage of diverse sports and health offerings*, from internal suppliers and external partners, and enjoy free drinks and fresh fruit baskets every day. 


Keep moving and stay fresh, with intensive mentoring, extensive on-boarding, and personal branding support focused on leadership as well as diverse career opportunities throughout the company.


Be part of a great network and learn from internationally accomplished experts and self-organized, autonomous teams.

People Stories

Reiner Kraft Portrait

"I worked in Silicon Valley for almost 20 years. I had not yet heard about Zalando because of its European focus, but got excited when I learned about the possibilities and impact of building up a world-class search & personalisation experience. As these topics require a strong foundation of research in the areas of machine learning & AI, building up the Zalando Research team was one of my first priorities."

Reiner Kraft

VP Engineering Search & Personalisation

Anne Pascual Portrait

"I moved to Berlin to start the Studio - a collaboration between Zalando SE and IDEO, after living in Munich and San Francisco for a couple years. It’s been amazing to work on such a variety of topics, connect with so many different teams at Zalando, uncover new business opportunities, imagine novel experiences, help define the product vision and bring it now to market - together with an incredible group of talented designers, product and engineering teams. That's why I decided to stay and grow the product design capability at Zalando. I don’t know many companies like Zalando, that are aiming to reimagine an entire industry."

Anne Pascual

VP Product Design

Wojciech Michon Portrait

"After a couple of months as an external consultant I was offered to join the Business Intelligence team. I thought it would be quite a difficult decision to leave the constant travelling life and move to Berlin – although I’ve never given up on travelling :). Turns out, it was fairly easy thank to the people I met here: very intelligent, competent, open-minded and of course very friendly. I think that the diversity of people from different countries and having different backgrounds is the reason why Zalando is full of innovative, great ideas and what makes people really enjoy working here."

Wojciech Michon

Inhouse Consultant Micro Strategy

Gloria Rupprecht Portrait

"A little over 2 years ago, my friend Ako told me about Brand Solutions, the B2B department he was working in at Zalando. They were looking to build a UX Team - I was very excited about this opportunity, so I decided to move from Leipzig to Berlin. Since then, I've grown from UX Researcher to UX Lead entrusted with a team of 4 people. Learning how to be a good leader is challenging but also very exciting - seeing other people grow motivates me a lot. I'm also involved in recruiting for the whole UX Community of Zalando, as well as teaching UX methods to product managers and engineers. Having multiple roles and being in contact with many different people everyday keeps me growing and inspired."

Gloria Rupprecht

Interaction Designer

Javier Martin Perez Portrait

"I joined Zalando in the Helsinki office after a friend of mine referred me. I'm a Product Specialist in Brand Solutions helping merchants connect to the Zalando universe. I love the big impact I have at my job and the trust and freedom I was given initially. One of my most challenging days at Zalando was on Black Friday, but we powered through and achieved great success through amazing team effort."

Javier Martin Perez

Product Specialist

Vasiliki Gkouta Portrait

"Coming from Greece to the windy and cold Berlin in 2014, I hoped that at least the culture would be “warm” haha. Zalando made it happen. As of today, being a part of the Advertising Department, and in particular a Big Data Engineer for Audiences and Campaign Management in team ACT, makes me feel that we are shaping the future. Looking back, I see that my diverse range of my responsibilities is what really allowed me to grow. Our diversity makes us sufficient enough to chase our dreams, to make things happen for us and for the future yet to come. Good job everybody."

Vasiliki Gkouta

Software Engineer

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