Zalando Tech’s GitHub Enterprise & Stash Workshop

by Lothar Schulz, Lauri Apple - 7 Apr 2015

Last week Zalando’s Bus team hosted an internal workshop on the popular source code management systems GitHub Enterprise and Atlassian’s Stash.

The Bus team (named after the classic TV series The Magic School Bus, a team favorite) oversees delivery of software artifacts -- from source-code managing to deployment -- for the rest of the tech team. We organized the workshop to elicit our colleagues’ feedback about Stash and GitHub Enterprise to see which source management system Zalandos preferred most.

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Many Zalando engineers already use Stash, but until the workshop only a few of us had checked out GitHub Enterprise’s testbed. With this in mind, we focused mostly on helping our colleagues to familiarize themselves with GitHub Enterprise so that they could then compare its features to Stash’s. We also asked participants to fill out a survey asking them about the two systems’ different restrictions, approvers, ways of handling pull requests and other details.

Some of our team’s observations:

  • GitHub Enterprise’s roots are in open-source source code management, whereas Stash is part of the Atlassian product family. This means that GitHub Enterprise does not prevent any code change or merge. Even if someone breaks some code, she/he is allowed to. Github #Enterprise provides notification mechanisms to inform others about changes. Its their responsibility to react on the notifications. Meanwhile, Stash works with security fences which might be boring for people who know exactly what they do, but which also eliminate the need for code cleanups.
  • Repository creation performance is much better on GitHub Enterprise
  • Comment change-tracking is much clearer on Stash
PNG Fallback

Our Tech Ops built a beautiful homemade trophy to reward the participant who provided the most detailed survey.

PNG Fallback

Here is our winner João, basking in his new-found glory:

PNG Fallback

We highly recommend holding a workshop like this of your own -- we learned a lot.

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