Zalando-Dublin Presents "Cassandra in Focus"

by Lauri Apple - 11 Jun 2015

Next week Zalando Senior DBA Jan Mußler will travel north to our new Dublin office to present a talk on how we use Cassandra in our monitoring and analytics work--and we couldn't be more excited, because this will be Z-Dublin's first-ever tech meetup. Jan's talk is part of the Dublin Cassandra Users meetup, which will also include a presentation by DataStax evangelist Christopher Batey. Regular readers of our tech blog know that we've recently built a prototype using Cassandra and the Camunda BPM engine, so we're looking forward to chatting and trading insights with the 60 "Cassandra Rebels" who have signed up to attend.

The meetup takes place on June 17 and is full, but add your name to the waitlist and maybe you'll get a spot. Stranger things have happened ...

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