Zalando Customer Account: Check out our new Order Section

by Ingmar Knudsen - 4 Jun 2013

With the first step of our customer account redesign, you can now get quicker access to the most relevant order information in your Zalando account. We’ve been working on three major improvements, which will help you to get an even better overview of your Zalando orders.

1. All your Zalando orders at a glance with our new delivery status bar

Zalando Customer-Account – Order-Headline The new delivery status bar (two status icons) serves as a basis for further enhancements with even more delivery status information. Keep up with us for an update on this.

2. Quickly go through the items inside your orders by using our new preview function

Zalando Customer-Account – Quick-Overview No more browsing back and forth in order to check which product will come with which order.

3. Rate your ordered products right inside your Zalando account

Review now in Customer-account In a further step, your ratings will be saved in your account, so that you can see which products you’ve already rated and which are still waiting for your review.

Your Zalando account on tablet and smartphone

We also have some good news for our growing number of tablet users: Everything is designed tablet compatible and touch friendly. So feel free to visit us on your tablet device. Or are you visiting your Zalando account via smartphone from time to time? No problem, the mentioned improvements on our order section are going to be rolled out to your mobile customer account soon. Stay tuned for an update from our mobile site.

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