Women @ Zalando Technology

by Anna Moersch - 31 May 2013

With the Technology team growing as fast as it does, unfortunately it is too easy to lose track of new colleagues that join us every month. But be it Database Engineers, Product Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, or Developers, there is one group that shares a common denominator: they’re female. What all of us also have in common is a deep love for all things science and technology. So what could be more obvious than giving this group the opportunity to connect, get to know each other, and share their experiences?

Technology Ladies Evening Technology Ladies Evening Technology Ladies Evening

This is where the Technology Ladies Evening was born. After the first two very succesful evenings, we etablished the event at loose intervals (usually every six to eight weeks) for after-work drinks and to give a platform to form connections between teams and job profiles. We of course also secretly hope to encourage more women to join our ranks – already at a whopping 12 percent (not bad for a tech department, eh?), there’s always room for more. Personally, I love the diversity of backgrounds and interests – I recently learned about all-female hackathons and that one can study such a thing as technomathematics!

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