Video: "Rewiring Zalando's Infrastructure Outside Datacenters"

by Lauri Apple - 15 Jun 2015

Zalando Head of Platform Engineering Jan Löffler and Security Engineer Christian Kunert recently traveled all the way from Berlin to Half Moon Bay, California to present their talk "The Big Switch: Rewiring Zalando's Infrastructure Outside Datacenters" at the ForgeRock Identity Summit. If you're not familiar, the Summit brings together some of the world's leading companies to discuss the role of identity in customer relationships. Other presenters besides Zalando included Salesforce, Accenture, and Capital One, among other prestigious companies.

In their talk, Jan and Christian describe Zalando's "voyage of epic proportions" toward a microservices architecture that enables our engineers to move faster and build systems at scale. Of course, keeping Zalando’s digital trade routes—as well as everybody on them—secure is essential to this transition. Jan and Christian show how microservices, in conjunction with a cloud infrastructure, support autonomous teams where security is of highest importance. They also draw upon their experiences to show how this all works in practice, and discuss what is necessary to really make identity matter for each and every Zalando customer, partner, service, and employee. Watch below:

And here's Jan appearing on a Summit customer panel:

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