Video: Reactive RESTful APIs with Akka HTTP and Slick

by Lauri Apple - 8 Dec 2015

Zalando engineers are currently rebuilding our “shop” — the unit that includes our 15 country-specific, customer-facing websites—to transform it from a monolith into microservices. As part of this work, we've developed open-source tools like Innkeeper: a simple, RESTful route management API built on top of reactive technologies like Akka HTTP and Slick. It will help our fleet of router instances to keep their routes in sync.

In this presentation for Zalando Tech's Dortmund meetup group, Zalando Senior Software Engineer Dan Persa discusses Innkeeper’s architecture and how, by choosing a reactive stack of technologies, we can stream database records back to the browser. He also talks about how (and why) we secured our API using OAuth, and gives insights on how we use Docker and the STUPS tools to auto-scale this API on top of AWS. Watch:

And here are Dan's slides:

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