Cleaning up - The new Product Detail Page

by Christian Leschke - 3 Sep 2013

After countless working hours involving different teams, designing and discarding over 20 different prototypes and a tremendous amount of user lab testing it is now live: The new Zalando Product Detail Page (PDP)! When the former PDP version went live, Zalando was exclusively selling shoes in Germany. Over the time we conquered successfully new markets in new countries, added new product groups and created support for modern devices (e.g. mobile and tablets). The PDP was growing each time by gradually adding new features. Regarding this growing impact of requirements, we decided to rework the PDP.

Our main goals were

  • to create a better customer experience, by using a clean layout (less boxes, less text)
  • to increase the focus on article images and Call-To-Action buttons
  • and to find a solution for handling lots of different size values for different article types. Previous version (until August 2013) Previous version (until August 2013)

How did we manage this?

At the beginning Zalando started creating first prototypes of possible new product detail pages. In overall, it were more than 20 different versions. These versions were checked in numerous tests in our user lab and evaluated by our customer experience experts. After that, in summer 2013, we proceed to run an A/B test over one month with four new versions in five countries.

The KPIs of each version were close and, of course, every country has different expectations regarding web design and trust elements. We had to find the version with the best KPIs in all countries and also the best opportunities for integrating upcoming features. And finally, we found a winner.

So, what did we change at a glance

  • we created an image centred design
  • size buttons were replaced by a size select box
  • all size related topics are bundled around this box
  • the hyperlink for the wish list became a button
  • images got a carousel function for an enhanced tablet experience
  • the recommendation box was moved below the article description and can contain more recommendations now
  • technology logos like “Gore-Tex” moved to the article description New version since August, 16th. New version since August, 16th.

What's next?

After some follow up PDP improvements, we will concentrate on pushing the article recommendations within the PDP. In parallel we are working on customer review section improvements. Reviews are very important for our customers to make a decision. So we will provide more review functionalities and a new easier review form, soon.

We will keep you updated...

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