by Rodrigo Reis - 7 Jun 2013

Last Friday Berlin’s Tiergarten was invaded by one particular kind of geeks - athletes!

About 400 Zalandos were at the 14th Berliner 5 x 5 km Team-Relay event, including some from the geek squad! Not even a very rainy afternoon broke our motivation to run the 5km in Tiergarten.

For me this was the first 5km event I had taken part in, and it was really great! I must confess that after the fourth kilometer I was feeling a bit tired, but all the cheering from my Zalando colleagues gave me the strength required to run fast to the end.

As you can see below, everyone at Zalando Tech took their "run- time" very seriously (pun intended) and only took a rest once they had crossed the finish line. Pushing it to the max: Martin Bell Pushing it to the max: Anja Hoffmann Pushing it to the max: Raphael Koch Pushing it to the max: Pedro Alves

You can check the final Standings of the event here by selecting day number three. See if you can find us (hint you can filter teams with "Zala" ;-) ).

Props to Sven, Georg, Christian, Olaf and Enrico of Team Zalando Rollator for their performance, finishing as the fastest Tech-only team with an overall time of 02:01:27. Pursued by our HR colleagues the "Nerd Hunters", all eight technology teams put their running shoes to the test and showed great team spirit. Pretty good!

All in all it was a really fun afternoon where all of us got together. A big thank you goes out from my relay team to everyone who was at the race (either running or cheering)

Zalando e Andando - our all-portuguese-speaking team (left to right) Pedro Ribeiro, Igor Ramadas, Rodrigo Reis, Daniel Sequeira and Pedro Alves

Photos courtesy of Ralf and Christian

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