The Cube. Our data management tool just got released!

by Emanuel Lauria - 15 Aug 2013

In a fast-paced environment, Zalando's Technology department - with more than 300 engineers, product and quality managers - copes with a lot of different organizational and technical entities: staff, projects, modules, servers, hosts, services and tickets.

Modern collaborative spreadsheet-in-the-cloud solutions tend to be perfectly suited for data manipulation but very weak on data exploration. To manage our growing set of entities, we decided to develop a clever and comfortable web user interface called the "Cube". After months of daily usage here at the Technology department, we now want to share it with the community; it's now open source and available to anyone on github.

The Cube is a NodeJs + BackboneJs app that takes advantage of Apache Solr's faceted results to organize and filter your data. It offers a RESTful API, import scripts and managers, exporters, authentication mechanisms (including LDAP), and a broad set of features to manage your data like sort, filter, colorize, multiple views to present the data and of course add, update and delete functionality.


We have prepared a live demo where you can play with the Cube and test all previously mentioned features. Please visit and give it a try! If you feel brave, you'll find installation instructions there, too.

Like most of Zalando's Open Source software the Cube is licensed under the Apache License and it has a GitHub repository. Feel free to clone, pull, create issues, push requests or do (almost) whatever you want with it.

Developing this tool has been a fun ride and we still have plenty of ideas to include. Improvements on the importer are underway, along many other specialized features that will enable you to use the Cube in many different ways. Don't hesitate to suggest your ideas and needs! We hope it's as useful to you as it has been to us.

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