Social Shopping: Utilizing the Open Graph API

by ToDo - 26 Sep 2013

By utilizing the powerful Facebook Open Graph API, for the first time in the history of Zalando, we are now able to offer our socially active customers a highly improved social shopping experience. Once connected to Facebook, our customers are now able to share their purchases and favourites with less effort, and make use of beautifully optimized timeline stories. This gives our customers the chance to enjoy the fun side of social shopping as opposed to the less sophisticated Facebook like plugin.

And here is how it works from a customer’s view, at the moment for French customers only:

1. Activate “Social Shopping”

Zalando_MyAccount Connecting with your Facbook account helps you to reduce disturbing Facebook login requests in the future. You can either activate “Social Shooping” in your Zalando account settings (see screen 1), or after completing a purchase.

2. Favour and buy your products on Zalando just as you love it

Zalando_ProductDetailPage Once you have activated “social shopping” your favoured (see screen 2) and purchased products will be shared effortlessly to your friend’s newstickers on Facebook.

3. Beautifully optimized stories in your friend’s newsticker

FB sharing There it is, a beautifully optimized story which actually respresents the action you triggered in the Zalando Shop. By default, social shopping stories will be posted to your friend’s newsticker (Screen 3 - right). If you want to display them in your timeline, just add the setting “allow on timeline” to the story.


We took care that items you might not want to share with your friends are taken out of this service. Those items, e.g. underwear or pyjamas, won’t be shared with Facebook! Whenever you don’t feel like sharing a specific product, you can also always edit your stories in Facebook or even delete them within your activity log. If you ever want to get back to the normal shopping experience, you can always do so by deactivating the social shopping feature inside your customer account (see Screen 1).

We are very excited about the upcoming feedback of our French customers about this whole new feature. For us, this is just the beginning of tapping into the possibilities of integrating more deeply with a social API, and combining them with the e-commerce sphere. We hope to gather many learnings from the French market, which can be used to further develop the service for our customers in the future.

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