Recap - Zalando hosted Java User Group Dortmund

by Simon Michel - 19 Apr 2013

Only 3 days ago, on April 16, Zalando provided the public with a look of what's under the hood at Zalando's backend development. Hosted at Zalando Technology in the prominent football city of Dortmund, Jan Mußler traveled all the way from Berlin to explain Zalando's database philosophy to the local Java gurus, the Java User Group Dortmund. The topic of his talk: Weaving Stored Procedures into Java at Zalando. Today's blogpost is a recap of the event.

Java User Group - Weaving Stored Procedures into Java at Zalando Some visitors already arrived at Zalando Technology in Dortmund half an hour before the event was scheduled to begin to see our office and get a feel for our culture. We had casual and interesting chats with our visitors, anxiously anticipating the talk. The hour-long talk began with a brief introduction about Zalando Technology, focusing on the what the Dortmund office does. Then, Jan Mußler discussed the backend implementation in great detail. It should come to no surprise that Zalando counts on open source products. We rely on a PostgresSQL database to persist our data. During the talk, chilled drinks were served in what was a relaxed atmosphere.

Zalando - Under the hood Our visitors asked Jan lots of specific questions on the subject of his talk. After the hour was over, our visitors, their interest piqued, stayed on to pepper Jan with further questions about overall development process at Zalando Technology.

Many of us left the office late because the mood and feedback to the talk were positive. The evening ultimately ended with a highly emotional series of foosball matches -- ending positive for some, negative (at least temporarily) for others. ;)

Zalando - Pizza and conversation after the presentation

Unfortunately, we couldn't accommodate everyone to take part in Jan Mußler's talk and the ensuing conversations. The limited number of seats filled up within a few hours of the announcement. Therefore, if you missed the presentation, click here to download it:

Weaving Stored Procedures into Java at Zalando

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