Radical Agility with Autonomous Teams and Microservices in the Cloud

by Lauri Apple - 3 Jun 2015

Yesterday Zalando Head of Platform Engineering Jan Löffler and Cloud Engineer/"STUPS Hacker" Henning Jacobs took to the stage at DevOpsCon in Berlin to present their talk on "Radical Agility" and its impact on our team structure, software architecture and cloud initiatives. Radical Agility is the term we Zalandos use to describe our approach to engineering great software—an approach that promotes a tech culture of autonomy, trust, mastery and purpose. As part of their presentation, Jan and Henning explained the guiding principles of our engineering work (SaaS, cloud, microservices, REST, and "API First") and also talked about STUPS: our brand-new, open-source platform for using AWS and Docker. STUPS gives engineers maximum freedom while enabling near-real-time audit compliance for every single application, and reflects perfectly the spirit and goals of Radical Agility. Watch the talk!

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