Migrating from Legacy IAM to ForgeRock: Lessons (slides)

by Lauri Apple - 9 Oct 2015

Yesterday Zalando Senior Software Engineers Rodrigo Reis and Igor Ramadas took the stage at ForgeRock's Identity Summit UK to discuss what their team learned while migrating our legacy Identity Access Management to ForgerRock. With the adoption of Radical Agility, which emphasizes autonomy and trust, we’ve not only rethought the way we build our systems, but also changed our perception of IAM. Following the motto “You build it, you run it,” our newly formed, autonomous teams are now responsible end-to-end for their own applications – which means they are also entrusted with securing them.

In their talk, Rodrigo and Igor Ramadas described our transition to a cloud-based infrastructure that still supports communication with legacy systems. They dicussed how to enable secure communications to services that weren’t originally designed with security in mind, and explained how they're using automation to seamlessly deploy Zalando’s new infrastructure. Enjoy the slides above!

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