The Cube App at Berlin's TECH MeetUp

by Emanuel Lauria - 12 Mar 2014

On February 27th, Zalando had the opportunity to participate in Berlin's bi-monthly Tech MeetUp event in the Mobilesuite coworking space. Along with six other great startups, we presented the Cube for the first time in public.

180 participants

Events like this offer a great space for companies to present their ideas and to start communities around them. This is the main reason why Zalando is so happy to participate. Last year we licensed some of our tools with the Apache License and hosted them on github, hoping that other people would benefit from them, and also contribute. Presenting the Cube App to the tech community of Berlin was a great opportunity that attracted users and developers.

"How come is so snappy" or "Can I have a hierarchical tree view also?" were some of the questions given in the QA section. Overall people liked the Cube and some were interested to try it out in their own companies. Success!

The other startups also presented really cool apps and ideas:

Uberall is helping stores to have an online presence and be easily found by people.

Travis-CI hosts continuous integration services for the open source community.

Mbrace is helping people to connect, by interesting 'challenges' and smart people-match algorithms.

The Football App showed us the advantages of developing with Golang.

AppLift is an interesting marketing platform for mobile games, and

Sensorberg as an iBeacon management platform full of nice ideas.


If you're interested in attending the next event, registration is open to anyone but its limited. Visit and RSVP. The next one is in April 24th, and theres free pretzels and beer, so hurry up!

You can find more photos from the event in this article by Gründerzene.

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