Last one out, please turn off the lights

by Bastian Gerhard - 16 Sep 2013

A late, yet dry and relatively hot summer with a number of opportunities to celebrate Zalando's 5th birthday has finally come to an end. Before temperatures dropped for good here in Berlin, we took one of the last warm days to throw a final and memorable party at our Schuckert Höfe offices, a historical factory complex built in the late 19th century.

Together with our colleagues of Zalando Lounge and zVentures, we had a delicious BBQ, fresh cocktails, great electronic music and a lot of fun until midnight. Various geek toys were available and allowed us to compete against each other - including table soccer, various video games and a really cool vintage Carrera slot car racing track, not to mention the fully-fledged dance floor with lights and fog machine.

For Zalando Technology, however, the evening was bittersweet as it was also a farewell from Schuckert Höfe. In less than 12 months, our team has outgrown most offices thus far occupied at various locations across Berlin. Very typical for a young company progressing at such rapid pace and often running into scalability issues, it was about time to regroup and consolidate. Our department found a new, cool and much bigger home near Alexanderplatz, which should last for a while.

To that end, despite suffering major hangover casualties from the party, the next day was dedicated to packing and labeling boxes before the big move in accordance to the (unofficial) Zalando credo of "Work hard, play harder". Following the handover of a clean swept, abandoned office to other Zalando departments, we have finally relocated and settled into our wonderful new premises. More details to follow soon!

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