Hack Week: Dortmund Bergfest recap

by Tim Kröger - 19 Dec 2014

Hack Week at Zalando Technology in the Dortmund office is serious innovation business - make no mistake; but after two and a half days of coding and inventing and sweating and coding some more, it was time to reset the brain and engage in offline events.


A little bit of a workout never hurts and also helps working off those kilos resulting from the self-organized breakfeasts (sic). The weather was not the best for outdoor activities so what to do in a crowded office? Easy: Indoor Hockey for great justice! The only problem was that of the six sticks that were ordered with great foresightedness only two had arrived so two additional sticks were crafted out of stuff that was lying around. The design is quite special and allowed for insane trickery and half an hour later the teams were ready to engage in fierce battle for fame and honor.


The crowd screamed with joy and everyone cheered for their favourite teams only to be pulled out of their victory celebration by a surprisingly fierce NERF Gun assault. The resulting standoff lasted and lasted and lasted some more and no one was spared.


The day was rounded off by a bratwurst stand that provided all-you-can-eat Currywurst-Pommes-Mayo and also had a seemingly endless supply of hot wine punch catering to the low temperature outside the office.


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