HACK WEEK: Hacked Cucumber with spices

by Hélène Levert - 12 Jun 2014

Daily stand-ups, programming, tests, meetings… At first glance, you may not guess that the Gewürzgurke team, composed of two developers, three product managers and one QA has changed their daily routine for the HackWeek. And yet, they have an ambitious goal: Their project Gewürzgurke - which is the German word for gherkin, aims at implementing a new tool where Cucumber scenarios can be correctly written, read and tested.

Added value of the gherkin-based feature? Providing a central repository where PMs can write directly their scenarios via a user interface, accessible by devs and QA teams for their tests. A great time gain for the tech teams where behaviour driven development is central.

After the morning stand-up, the tasks are assigned among the project members: Pablo and Jörn implement additional features in the backend part of the tool while Sarah and Raphael prepare the user guidelines. A good working prototype will be ready at the end of the week.

Peter and Sascha are taking care of the presentation part, for there is an Hack Week award to win. “We want to win all the awards”, explain several team members, laughing, with this one nuance however: “We may win the low-hanging fruit award, since the feature is a real gain and quite easy to implement.”

One day to go, and we’ll see if this prophecy is fulfilled.

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