HACK WEEK: Grand Prix de la Hack Week

by Carsten Ernst - 13 Jun 2014

It is the last day of HackWeek and the projects are in the final phase. Meanwhile, the organisation team has been busy building a fantastic set of trophies with scrupulous attention to detail. There are ten different prices waiting to be awarded in ten underlying categories. Below you will find a comprehensive description about what every single trophy will be awarded for.

Dream Team Award


Team player award for most diverse team, i.e. working across locations, functions, cultures and hierarchies, while also considering each team member's individual contribution to the project.

BSD 4.3 Award (why?)


Best software coding project which somehow contributes to Zalando goals and/or drastically improves product/process, game changer and/or business-enabler, prospective high financial impact.

Mars Rover Award (what is this?)


Best system/hardware prototyping project (same criteria as above).

Club-Mate Award (what is this?)


Best non-engineering project (same criteria as above).

Nikola Tesla Award (Nikola who?)


Awarded for best innovation, i.e. project that is disruptive and employs new technology or generates new market needs.

Cheap & Cheerful Award


Awarded for going after "low hanging fruit" based on cost-benefit ratio, i.e. minimum effort and maximum outcome.

31337 Award (what is this?)


Awarded for the most geeky project in terms of nasty technical challenges solved, extreme difficulty, use of low-level programming language or extreme networking hacking etc.

Duke Nukem Forever Award (what is this?)


Awarded for the most glorious or spectacular fail after raising great expectations

Bridge Builder Award


Recognize colleagues who establish or support connections between project groups and collaboration between different Zalando departments for a common goal.

Andy Warhol Award (why?)


Awarded for the most creative and innovative presentation.

Presentations start this afternoon and each project team has the opportunity to show what they were able to develop throughout this week. As there are too many ideas to be introduced, each presenter has to pitch precisely in a timeslot of just two minutes. Afterwards, the victory ceremony will take place. You can already feel the anticipation. It will be exciting to see who climbs the winners podium and wins one of those trophies in the end. Last but not least, an amazing HackWeek closing party will take place tonight :-) We will keep you updated. Just keep watching our blog (@ZalandoTech).

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