Explore Zalando's "Tour of Mastery" With Our Alien Guides!

by Lauri Apple - 1 Jul 2015

You'll notice that we talk a lot about "Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose" around here. That's because they're the three foundation principles driving Zalando's Radical Agility approach to running a happy, healthy tech organization. We think our efforts to help our technologists achieve mastery — through mentoring, skills building, and other initiatives — are super-important for enhancing the well-being and success of every Zalando. We also think the TOM's really cool and exciting — after all, who doesn't want more opportunities to keep growing, learning, and being challenged on the job? So we've created this new Tour of Mastery page to show you what it's all about and how it works. Thanks to our animated astronaut and alien friends for helping us with some of the details!

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