What Unites Us

We are from more than 50 different nations, representing a seemingly endless number of interests, hobbies, programming-language preferences, personalities and so much more. What unites us is the energy and enthusiasm we share in tackling our common purpose: to deliver award-winning, best-in-class shopping experiences to our 20 million active customers. Above all, it requires passion: to experiment, learn, fail, and repeat the process, so that we get stronger and better every day.



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A Proud Community

Over the years, we have built a strong community.  We love to share our passions, insights and expertise for technologies and topics we love through 100+ self-organized guilds, internal tech talks, training initiatives, demos, local meetup events, conferences and more. In addition to encouraging an engaged community, we support you in building your reputation as a tech leader - not only among your peers at Zalando, but industry-wide. We know that every new technology and methodology we implement involves a learning curve, so our team are dedicated to helping everyone get up to speed on using the tools they need to work successfully. And if you might wonder how we implement “autonomy, mastery and purpose” in practice and give them meaning, here are some examples:


We follow processes and practices that enable our technologists to work as efficiently, creatively and meaningfully as possible.


We are constantly helping our team stretch and grow in new directions by creating a working environment that is hands-on, inspiring and collaborative.

Tech Constitution

We want every Zalando to know and understand his or her rights and responsibilities, as well as the rights and responsibilities of their leader and the technology team at large.

Radical Agility

We believe by working in small, agile, multi-disciplinary, autonomous teams, and living Radical Agility - a methodology built on trust and backed by an architecture that lets us move fast while keeping complexity low - teams can leverage their creativity and solve hard problems in original ways.


Every Zalando technologist needs to know the why behind what they do. Answering the why is how we achieve purpose. We have created a framework to help you find your purpose with us, to be your best, and to achieve great things.


Zalando promotes autonomy for both individuals and teams. As individuals, we pick our teams, create our own personal and professional development paths (we call them "tours of mastery"), and give each person a voice. At the team level, we self-organize. It’s how we foster trust and respect.


Our passion ultimately focuses on investing in our people. We strive to give you the best support we can: to help you grow, to provide a place where you can achieve mastery and greatness, and where you are inspired every day to do what you do best - both for Zalando and for yourself.

Open Source

At Zalando we’re passionate about collaboration and giving back to the community. Check out our open source projects to learn more about the technologies we are contributing to and building.


People Stories

Anne Pascual Portrait

"I moved to Berlin to start the Studio - a collaboration between Zalando SE and IDEO, after living in Munich and San Francisco for a couple years. It’s been amazing to work on such a variety of topics, connect with so many different teams at Zalando, uncover new business opportunities, imagine novel experiences, help define the product vision and bring it now to market - together with an incredible group of talented designers, product and engineering teams. That's why I decided to stay and grow the product design capability at Zalando. I don’t know many companies like Zalando, that are aiming to reimagine an entire industry."

Anne Pascual

Torsten Kunz Portrait

"I love that no day has been like another. If I have an idea to improve something and manage to create a strong business case I can go for it immediately. When I started on the pricing team, I helped to design the core pricing system that enables Zalando to steer pricing levers for millions of prices very precisely. My responsibilities have grown very fast over time. The culture of Zalando is centered around speed, experimentation and driving KPI improvements rather than on excessive planning and waterfall ways of working, and I always feel excited to pursue new initiatives. Currently, I am responsible for building the purchase order and supplier facing components of Zalando‘s Retail Operations System. It’s so rare to get the chance to build a new ERP system! It is extremely rewarding to have a fundamentally positive impact on the whole business and the work life of my colleagues and our partners."

Torsten Kunz

Elena Kovalenko Portrait

"In my team we are working on a machine learning product which is integrated into Zalando’s microservice ecosystem, meaning that a software engineer needs to be able to write #scalable restful web-services, create and tune #data pipelines, write Spark jobs, perform all kinds of operational activities as well as have a notion about feature engineering. I prefer a holistic approach to the product and try to embrace all the spectrum of activities, no matter if they lie in software engineering, data science or research domain. I equally enjoy solo-, pair- and mob-programming and value quality over #speed."

Elena Kovalenko

Wojciech Michon Portrait

"After a couple of months as an external consultant I was offered to join the Business Intelligence team. I thought it would be quite a difficult decision to leave the constant travelling life and move to Berlin – although I’ve never given up on travelling :). Turns out, it was fairly easy thank to the people I met here: very intelligent, competent, open-minded and of course very friendly. I think that the diversity of people from different countries and having different backgrounds is the reason why Zalando is full of innovative, great ideas and what makes people really enjoy working here."

Wojciech Michon