Freelance - Product Designer (UX) for Zalando Plus

Job Category

  • Technology & UX/UI Design


  • Berlin


  • Full-Time
  • Professional Level


  • Zalando SE


Zalando is all about fashion. Customers enjoy browsing our site, getting inspired and buying clothes they’re excited about. Zalando Plus is an experience upgrade – a membership program that gives customers a plus to maximise the joy of use: Faster shipping, super convenient returns, personal fashion advice and exclusive offers.


The Zalando Plus customer journey builds on the main customer journey of Zalando. As a Product Designer (UX) Freelancer for Zalando Plus, you work with a dedicated team of product managers and developers. You will employ an evolving mix of traditional user-centered methodologies, lean UX practices, and design thinking to solve business problems through understanding user needs and motivations.

Discover. You are curious about our customers and the problems we can solve for them. You understand the existing insights, build on them and generate new insights.

Collaborate. You communicate and collaborate effectively with many other multidisciplinary teams that are working on the larger Zalando platform.

Design. You bring concepts to life by creating prototypes at all levels of fidelity. Whether it’s a quick flow of paper mockups you put together in an afternoon or a web app using live data that you create with a team of engineers in a week-long sprint, you are constantly testing out your ideas in the wild.

Execute. The best design is nothing without an implementation to match. In close collaboration with our engineers, you continually iterate your way to success and customer satisfaction.


To land this job you will show and explain raw artifacts from various stages of the design process, demonstrating both your well-rounded experience and your stand-out skills. You should be able to start working with us as soon as possible, latest by mid of July. 

Multi-faceted. To master the daily challenges you are strong in UX interaction design and you have a good skills in visual UI design.

User-centered. You have the methods and skills under your belt to ensure that our business and development partners walk in the customer's shoes and see through the user’s eyes.

Convincing. You can effectively sell interaction design best practices and UI design details to stakeholders at all levels of understanding – from design-unaware business people to highly-experienced designers.

Structured. You know how to best structure and package integration guidelines and communicate interaction patterns in a developer-centered way to ensure proper implementation.

Collaborative. Your communication skills and empathy help you to succeed in your daily work with multidisciplinary international teams.

Business-proven. You’re not afraid to use data to inform your designs (and disprove your ideas!)


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