Design Operations Manager

Job Category

  • Technology & UX/UI Design


  • Berlin


  • Full-Time
  • Management Level


  • Zalando SE


You will grow as a Design Operations Manager at Zalando, ensuring the right mix of designers (UX, UI), researchers and other relevant skills to deliver best business value and push forward the organization’s design maturity across Zalando. 

Design Operations helps us on our way to change Zalando into a design-driven company by strengthening our Product Design Community in terms of resourcing, recruiting, employer branding and training & development.

As a Thought Leader shaping the creative culture in our product design community with the help of our community manager and foster the collaboration among designers to drive and evolve our product design maturity. 


Design Resourcing Manager. You serve as a single-point-of-contact for all design support requests of the business and ensure that projects are prioritized and staffed accordingly. Facilitate occasional project-based engagements for “embedded” designers as a way to expand their horizons and create cross-team pollination.

Job Family Architect. You work with our recruiting, business partners and people development team on the Product Design job family across all of Zalando. Serve as a sparring partner for Design Leads on topics of hiring, employee development, and practice maturity. Ensure ego-less job rotation throughout the Community of Practice.

Convenor of the Product Design Community. You manage the work (and professional development) of the Product Design Community Manager to build a creative culture. Challenge all designers in the organization to exchange knowledge and grow their skills. Support grassroots self-organization of events and knowledge sharing.

People Grower. As an experienced leader, you create, curate and manage tools and processes for professional development (i.e. job rotation, training, etc). Produce both internal and external meet-ups, conferences, and other events that evolve the skills of Zalando designers. Facilitate the onboarding of high-potential, low-experience talent into our professional product design practice, i.e. by building a Young Professionals, mentorship or internship program.


To land this job you will show and explain how you execute projects in your leadership career that raise the bar in product design maturity and people development.

Communication. As an eloquent design advocate, you inspire and guide design colleagues to follow, implement and execute a clear vision of forward-thinking design.

Leadership. Your thought leadership provides guidance inside Zalando trough helping designers in their professional development and outside Zalando by publishing articles to evolve Zalando's design employer brand. 

Collaboration. As a strong design leader, you cultivate relations with non-designers in the organization on topics of hiring, employee development, and practice maturity. Your ultimate goal is to be the sparring partner for everyone in the company around product design. 

Execution. Create, curate and manage tools and processes for professional development (i.e. Tour of Mastery, trainings, etc.). Ensure that designers and researchers have the tools to do their best work. Set clear ground rules for participation or nonparticipation of other business units within the Community of Practice.


Inspiring peers. You will join a leadership circle boasting more than 8 digital product design managers across Zalando. You and your team will network with a fast-growing, highly diverse and astonishingly International Product Design Community of Practice.

Empowering culture. We value trust and have a bias for action. We are kind to each other. For us respect means challenging each other and giving direct feedback. We share ideas freely. We learn from mistakes. We laugh a lot. Come help us foster a highly inspiring working atmosphere.

Professional development. We believe in a purpose-driven approach to motivating and growing people. Framed by the Tour of Mastery, we help you to get where you want to go through peer mentoring, training, personal branding support, and networking both inside and outside the company.

Perks. Competitive salary; great shopping discount on a wide range of products on; discounts from external partners; office in the heart of Berlin; public transport discounts; relocation assistance for internationals; municipality services; flexible working times; family service and parent & child rooms; and volunteering time off; diverse sports and health offerings.


Start the conversation. Tell us what the next step in your career could be. Multi-talented? Please apply for the one single job that best represents your deepest core competency and mentions your other skills in your application. If you need guidance or have any questions about our hiring processes, please contact recruiter Matthias Schmeißer.

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