Senior Frontend Web Application Developer - Helsinki

Job Category

  • Technology & UX/UI Design


  • Helsinki


  • Full-Time
  • Professional Level


  • Zalando SE


The pace of change and innovation happening in the web frontend scene is truly unprecedented. At Zalando we are looking to tap your expertise on how we should build the best possible web applications right now with a view to the future.

At Zalando, we are building multiple consumer facing applications (the Zalando web site being the most widely known.) In Helsinki we are forming a small dedicated team working on new web apps. The team will have a high level of autonomy in defining the target architectures, selecting the technologies used, and working closely with product experts to identify the key features and prioritize them. As this is a new team, we are looking for senior web developers to help form the team and play an integral role in building the team moving forward.


JavaScript fatigue has yet to wear you down and you still have a passion for keeping on top of the latest and greatest build tools, package managers, libraries, and frameworks. Not only this but you also have a firm grip on the lifecycle management, maintainability, upgradability, and deployability aspects of software development. You know which of the buzzwords is just a buzzword and what is production ready. Let's talk more about what your preferred stack is. We embrace diversity in technologies and don't want to fix the stack for you.

You love Open Source as much as we do and have opinions on things such as TypeScript, Elm, or functional programming. You have a deep understanding of the fundamentals of networking and browsers. You are interested in the latest developments in browser standards and APIs. You know how to make web apps or sites with a small footprint optimized for speed.

In terms of experience, you have successfully delivered highly scalable web applications for a large consumer base. You have worked in a highly agile environment where you have evidence of delivering without excessive specs. If something is missing, you can remove the blockers yourself. As an example, you don't need detailed UI specs to get stuff done. Above all you take pride in your work and enjoy getting things delivered.

Due to the high scalability requirements of our software, architectural aspects are of high importance. As an example, you might be interested in checking out our project mosaic.


The Helsinki Tech Hub is growing fast. We are based in Kamppi, right in the heart of Helsinki. The office offers a fantastic space to work where you can have a real impact on the world of e-commerce, working with a diverse bunch of talented individuals (if we do say so ourselves!) In Zalando we build small autonomous teams which design, develop and operate their solutions taking full ownership of the development lifecycle. We believe in trust, purpose, autonomy and mastery. And great coffee.

Zalando is transforming from an e-commerce company into a multi-service platform that provides fashion as a service for our 19+ million customers today. We make it our mission to imagine and predict the infinite points of interaction between fashion and people - and develop the technology to make them possible. The 80+ members of Zalando Technology Helsinki build our products in-house and open source - from our logistics software to our mobile applications. Teams have the autonomy to choose the technologies they work with using our Tech Radar for inspiration, currently that means we are building products using Scala, Java, Clojure, Spark, React, Swift, AWS and Docker - to name just a few. We are passionate about what we do and have fun while doing it. And we are willing to experiment and make mistakes: It’s how we grow.


Our recipe to success: Think big and act fast. Your contribution today will influence millions of customers tomorrow. At Zalando you have the opportunity to work for a fast growing international company that wants to offer the world’s best fashion experience. Obviously we offer you much more:

  • Use of cutting-edge open source technologies and cloud services
  • Learning and growth opportunities. In Zalando we have more than 100 tech teams actively sharing information and enabling learning through weekly tech talks, company-hosted tech meetups, possibility of visiting conferences
  • Employee discount for all Zalando shop products
  • Comprehensive Benefits package including Private Healthcare, Language course and Travel support
  • Through our mentoring program you will get up to speed and become productive very quickly
  • Relocation support if you are based outside of the Capital Area / Country. We know that moving can be a challenge in terms of housing, visas and documentation, at Zalando you can count on us to help make things as easy as possible!


If this sounds exciting then please contact William Scharf for more information.

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