Senior Product Designer / UX for B2B & Enterprise

Job Category

  • More Central & Business Roles


  • Berlin


  • Full-Time
  • Professional Level


  • Zalando SE

The opportunity

Zalando is more than a wildly successful consumer destination for fashion. We are building a technology platform for all fashion players and designing internal software to help reinvent business from the inside out.

Your challenge

When you join us, you will take on a series of Tours of Mastery to hone your skills by working in different business units. Your first challenge might be, for example, to:

  • Deliver business-relevant reporting insights and CMS tools to global fashion brands.
  • Delight your colleagues by making the tools they work with on a day-to-day basis easier, faster and more fun to use -- whether in human resources, purchasing, project and team management, logistics, or other areas.
  • Design platform-as-a-service solutions to connect the wide variety of players in the fashion ecosystem.

In any case, you will...

  • Identify pain points and needs of users, bring the insights into the team.
  • Spread a user-centered design mindset to product + engineering colleagues.
  • Shape new products and improve existing interfaces that our employees and business partners use daily.
  • Design a broad range of products used on a wide variety of devices.
  • Manage requirements from very different directions, always orienting yourself to the concrete needs of the users.
  • Break free from legacy software and build new solutions that improve the engagement and efficiency of our employees.
  • Align interaction patterns and usability standards across products.

What we're looking for

To land this job you will show and explain raw artifacts from various stages of the design process that illustrate your proven ability to:

  • Translate complex product requirements into easy and intuitive user flows.
  • Collaboratively create responsive interfaces that best suit particular working conditions.
  • Identify overarching interaction patterns to ensure a consistent enterprise user experience.
  • Break a long-term user experience vision down into concrete steps for agile development.
  • Explain your ideas, designs and user experience best practices in order to successfully convince, motivate and inspire stakeholders.
  • Test and refine prototypes with users within a weekly cycle (Lean UX)

What you can expect from us

We’ll pay you a competitive salary, help you relocate to Germany and outfit you with the best tools. But the true perks for you might be:

  • Tour of Mastery: When you join Zalando, we aim to maximize your professional development by exposing you to multiple teams, disciplines and challenges over the course of your career
  • Personal branding support: From preparing talks and blog posts to networking with industry leaders
  • A large Zalando UX Community of Practice to align with and challenge your colleagues -- and to spread customer-centricity into the entire company

And on top of that you get a 40% discount when you shop at Zalando!

About Zalando

Zalando is Europe’s leading online fashion platform, doing business in 15 markets. Delivering first-class shopping experiences to our +19 million customers requires moving fast — with microservices, Agile processes & autonomous teams  —  and using cutting-edge, open source technologies. We are passionate about what we do and have fun while doing it. We’re also willing to experiment and make mistakes: It’s how we grow.

Sound like fun?

Start the conversation. Tell us what the next step in your career could be.

Multi-talented? Please apply for the one single job that best represents your deepest core competency and mention your other skills in your application.

If you need guidance or have any questions about our hiring processes, please contact recruiter Matthias Schmeißer.

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