Senior UX Designer: Payments

Job Category

  • Technology & UX/UI Design


  • Dortmund


  • Full-Time
  • Professional Level


  • Zalando SE

The Opportunity

At Zalando Payments, we are processing all financial transactions of Zalando’s fashion store and other consumer-facing apps. Starting with a flawless user experience in the checkout over the processing of the payments to reconciliation in the backend, we cover the entire financial process to boost conversion and deliver a competitive advantage to our customers through smart risk steering.

Your mission

As a senior UX Designer you will create the best possible payment experience for end customers of multiple products e.g. the Zalando Fashion Store, Zalon, our fashion inspiration app Fleek, etc. -- across responsive websites, iOS and Android apps.

You will...

  • Optimize payment conversion rates on a transaction volume of over €4 billion.
  • Define measurable criteria for customer delight and demonstrably push the user experience forward.
  • Choreograph payment processes across a wide variety of regions with varying legal requirements and user behaviors.
  • Ensure use of consistent interaction patterns to build coherent UX across screens and devices.
  • Give direction to and work collaboratively with Visual Design colleagues or contractors.
  • Communicate effectively with UI designers from a variety of products using our payment interfaces.
  • Create screen designs on your own within a clear framework occasionally as needed.
  • Work with business, legal, and many ambitious and skilled autonomous tech teams building and operating our microservices-based platform.
  • Determine and build up user research methods and toolsets based on your previous experience, business needs and existing Zalando practices.

Your Track Record

To land this job you will show and explain raw artifacts from various stages of the design process that illustrate your proven ability to:

  • Translate complex product requirements into easy and intuitive user flows.
  • Create responsive web UIs and native apps that engage customers across devices.
  • Identify overarching interaction patterns to ensure a consistent brand and user experience.
  • Design systematically to enable white-labelling.
  • Break a long-term user experience vision down into concrete steps for agile development.
  • Explain your ideas, designs and user experience best practices in order to successfully convince, motivate and inspire stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with product managers and developers through the entire product lifecycle.
  • Understand issues and opportunities around payment and checkout -- or other complex transactional processes -- in depth.
  • Research users, interpret usage data, create early prototypes and test continuously.

What you can expect from us

We’ll pay you a market-rate salary and outfit you with the best tools. We’ll assist you with relocating to Germany and subsidize your daily commute.

But we expect that the true perks for you might be:

  • Impact: We think big and act fast. What you're doing today will affect millions of customers tomorrow.
  • Tour of Mastery: When you join Zalando, you’re not simply accepting a job offer but embarking on your first mission within a larger tour of mastery. We aim to maximize your professional development by exposing you to multiples teams, disciplines and challenges over the course of your career.
  • A large Zalando UX Community of Practice to align with and challenge your colleagues — and to spread customer-centricity into the entire company.

And on top of that you get a 40% discount when you shop at Zalando. 

About Zalando Payments

Zalando Payments was founded in June 2016  and operates all payment services of Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion platform doing business in 15 markets.

Want to join us? Then go ahead and apply!

If you need guidance or have any questions about our hiring processes, please contact our UX recruiter Matthias Schmeißer -- or just drop by in our Dortmund office.

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