User Researcher (Excellence)

Job Category

  • Technology & UX/UI Design


  • Berlin


  • Full-Time
  • Professional Level


  • Zalando SE


As a member of Zalando’s User Research team, you will support product ideation and optimization by researching customers, identifying needs and testing interfaces. You ensure that bad ideas fail early - and you inspire colleagues to iterate good ideas into great solutions.

You will impact a wide variety of products - from startup ventures to B2B solutions - in addition to Europe’s largest fashion portal. You will deliver insights about a diverse range of customers, incl. high-profile fashion brands, style bloggers, internal users of enterprise software and, of course, the ca. 23 million consumers served by our flagship product.

Zalando’s product design teams employ an evolving mix of traditional user-centered methodologies, Lean UX practices, and design thinking. Researchers work closely with designers, product managers, and engineers to build the right solutions. To be most effective, we build strong relationships with other internal teams. Together with market research, business intelligence, and product analytics experts, we ensure a holistic 360° understanding of customer needs and behaviors.


As a user researcher, you will lead by example and raise the bar for customer empathy.

Strategic scope. You impact the entire Zalando Product Community and a wide variety of products - from startup ventures to B2B solutions - in addition to Europe’s largest fashion portal.

Impact. You drive best practices, know your stakeholders inside out and are passionate about finding new ways to maximize the impact of User Research. You will be a key driver to help grow Design Maturity and true customer-centricity all over Zalando.

Enable others. You have an impact by enabling others. You drive excellence by fostering continuous learning among your research colleagues. You collect and define best practices, both in terms of process and methodology. You guide, support and grow your colleagues. You train and empower designers and PMs to conduct solid research themselves. You share customer needs, learnings and outcomes regularly with to the larger design community on our journey to making Zalando the premiere place in Europe to do cutting-edge user research.

Vision. You develop and defend a point of view and both broad and deep understanding of our users, to influence decisions at a strategic level.

Insights. You provide meaningful and actionable answers to great questions. You inspire and challenge the team in finding solutions to the right problems. You support teams in implementing customer-centric solutions and iterate on them based on insights. You spread knowledge beyond the core stakeholders, to fuel empathy and innovation.


To land this job you will show and explain research artifacts from various stages of the product development process that illustrate your proven ability to deliver actionable user insights.

Excellence. Your vast experience in different types of organizations set you up for success. You’re passionate about finding new ways to maximize the impact of User Research. Your curiosity and adaptability drive you to push the bar, finding new ways of maximizing the impact of User Research and defining lean and efficient tools to make user insights a core component of our product development processes.

Communication. Your stellar storytelling skills allow you to deliver customer insights straight to your stakeholders’ hearts and brains. You’re a seasoned facilitator of engaging, impactful workshops. You are fluent in English and - ideally - at least one other European language.

Prioritisation. You know when to do what - and why. You’re great at identifying the key research questions behind requests, helping stakeholders identify the right approach, managing stakeholder expectations and creating the perfect balance between effort and impact. You balance high-quality research with short deadlines and highly iterative cycles.


Peers. We have highly diverse and international, accomplished user researchers (qualitative and quantitative) and designers that act as a Product Design team to drive our products to the next level.

Culture. A workplace where trust, empowerment, and feedback are valued; positive, inspiring working atmosphere. In our Design show & tell every second week, we foster knowledge sharing in our Product Design community.

Development. We believe in a purpose-driven approach to motivating and developing people. In our Tour of Mastery, we help you to grow to engage with great design communities all around the world. We offer mentoring, personal branding support and diverse career opportunities.

Perks. Competitive salary; great shopping discount on a wide range of products on; discounts from external partners; office in the heart of Berlin; public transport discounts; relocation assistance for internationals; municipality services; flexible working times; family service and parent & child rooms; and volunteering time off; diverse sports and health offerings.

Does this sound like fun?

Start the conversation. Tell us what the next step in your career could be. Multi-talented? Please apply for the one single job that best represents your deepest core competency and mention your other skills in your application. If you need guidance or have any questions about our hiring processes, please contact recruiter Matthias Schmeißer.

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