Inkludieren. Respektieren. Ermutigen.

Die Vielfalt der Menschen, Lebensstile, Meinungen und Einstellungen sind entscheidende Treiber für Innovation und Erfolg. Deshalb sind Inklusion und Vielfalt in der Kultur von Zalando fest verankert. Inklusion bedeutet für uns eine Kultur, in der wir alle zusammenarbeiten, unsere einzigartigen Talente weiterentwickeln und gemeinsam Großes erreichen können. Wir glauben, dass eine integrative Kultur der effektivste Weg für uns ist, die Vielfalt innerhalb des Unternehmens zu erhöhen.

Verwirklichen. Engagieren. Zusammenarbeiten.


Wir vereinen Menschen aus über 130 Ländern, und rund 43% unserer Mitarbeiter sind nichtdeutsche Staatsbürger. Um eine Willkommenskultur zu bieten, unterstützen wir von Registrierungsprozessen bis hin zu Mentoring

Women in Leadership

Wir sind bestrebt, die Präsenz von Frauen in Führungspositionen zu erhöhen und haben uns zum Ziel gesetzt, den Anteil weiblicher Führungskräfte auf der ersten Ebene unter dem Management Board (SVP) bis 2022 auf 25% (derzeit 11%) zu erhöhen.

Inklusive Sprache

Unser Ziel ist es, die geschlechtsspezifische Vielfalt zu erhöhen und daher geschlechterspezifische Formulierungen in Bezug auf Stellenanzeigen zu überprüfen, unser Diversity-Versprechen aufzunehmen und uns auf geschlechtsspezifische Arbeitstitel für deutsche Stellenanzeigen zu konzentrieren.

Internationaler Frauentag

Jedes Jahr im März veranstaltet eine wachsende Gruppe von Zalando Mitarbeitenden, organisiert von Zalando’s Diversity Guild, Events und Aktivitäten rund um den Internationalen Frauentag. Damit wollen wir das Bewusstsein für die Schaffung vielfältiger und integrativer Arbeitsplätze schärfen und eine offene Diskussion darüber anregen, wie wir uns als Organisation weiter verbessern können.

Christopher Street Day

Zalandos interne LGBTQI+ -Gruppe und die Diversity Guild organisierten gemeinsam Zalandos erste Teilnahme an der Christopher Street Day Parade am Samstag, den 28. Juli 2018 in Berlin, sowie eine internen Vorveranstaltung am Freitag, 27. Juli im Headquarter in Berlin.

Tag der Vielfalt

Der von der Charta der Vielfalt ins Leben gerufene „Tag der Vielfalt“ bietet die Möglichkeit, die Bedeutung von Vielfalt als Teil unserer Mission zu würdigen. Wir feiern den Tag mit Veranstaltungen an unseren Logistik-Standorten und in der Customer Care-Abteilung.

People Stories

Sarah Cordivano Portrait

"I’m working as Sr. Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Zalando. I’ve had the privilege of spending half of my time supporting Zalando’s Diversity Guild as well as Diversity and Inclusion initiatives at Zalando. This includes Christopher Street Day, Diversity Day, Celebrate Her, and others. It feels so rewarding to spend my time working on projects that are important and meaningful, such as organizing International Women’s Day. It was a great way to recognize our colleagues that inspire us with their passion and hard work. It’s also been fantastic to see our allies throughout the company step up and support women at Zalando."

Sarah Cordivano

Muhammad Muaaz Saleem Portrait

"I recently joined the Cloud Native Infrastructure team at Zalando, it’s pretty exciting. I love that we’re trying to solve deeply technical problems so engineers all across Zalando have more time to focus on their products. My favourite D&I project is to teach an “Intro to Programming” course to women who are trying to switch careers to tech. It’s a pretty fulfilling endeavor. I’m quite taken by how a job in tech can change people’s lives. I want everyone who wants it to have an opportunity to break into this industry, not just people who have the time or resources to take a few months off from work."

Muhammad Muaaz Saleem

Kathleen Danielson Portrait

"I work as a Producer at Zalon. I'm basically a software project manager (or scrum master) for some of the teams that build the web and mobile platforms for our personal stylist service. The Diversity & Inclusion project I have been most involved in lately has been improving the wheelchair accessibility of our buildings. Zalando has a lot of buildings in Berlin alone, and they aren't all the most accessible if you are using a wheelchair. I have been working with our Corporate Real Estate team to ensure that the new buildings that are still being built will be accessible from day 1, as well as figuring out the highest impact retrofits we can do with existing buildings. I have learned so much about how large scale projects operate as well as really shifting my mindset to be more accessibility-aware. I don’t have a mobility impairment, which means that I have a tremendous amount of privilege when I am simply moving around our world. For me, this project has really been about making sure I'm fighting for equity for everyone, whether or not their struggle is one that I personally share."

Kathleen Danielson

Paul de Waal Portrait

"I’m working as a recruiting coordinator in the P&O department. What I love about this job is the exciting communication with future colleagues and getting to be the one who brings positive news regarding their applications. My initial moment to launch the CSD project was when I realized just how big the LGBTQ community at Zalando really is. So I couldn't help but wonder, where is the Zalando truck at the CSD? Seeing all those big companies in the CSD parade and no Zalando doesn't seem to fit. The LGBTQ employees in our company constitute a very happy, proud and confident part of the LGBTQ community in Berlin and I feel how important it is to a) share the confidence and b) represent Zalando at the gay pride as one of the gay friendliest employers around. It is a big thing for me to know and to feel that my company supports the LGBTQ community. Working in a place where you can be yourself and feel accepted is the best feeling a company and colleagues can give you."

Paul de Waal

Kyra Oberländer Portrait

"I took over the newly created position as a Social Counselor in October 2017, responsible for all employees located at our building in Leipziger Straße. What I do love about my job is to support all the employees with their individual problems and to help them finding a solution or also external help, which is accompanied by strict confidentiality and neutrality. I really enjoyed having a Diversity Day for all the Customer Care employees and wider teams. We planned several activities to give everyone the opportunity to experience what it is like to master your everyday life with a restriction. But my highlight was our Diversity Gallery. I was touched by the effort and thoughts from our "testimonials" and what statements they made. My colleague Coskun had the idea in the past and we hope that we will find more and more people to join our Diversity gallery in the future."

Kyra Oberländer

Coskun Karakus Portrait

"I've been working at Zalando for over four years working as a company social worker. I love to collaborate with all departments and all kinds of people in my work. Within the workplace I find it important to learn from each other and to grow together. Diversity Day 2018 was my personal highlight as this day was colorful, wild and wonderful. It was a relaxed atmosphere and the photo box and movie theater were well received. We were able to bring the topic of diversity closer to our employees and it was and is a great start to further educate ourselves in the long term and to continue to work together on the subject of diversity. So that every employee can remember this day, we have hung up a large screen with all the pictures of the employees at the location. Diversity is close to my heart because I see every person as an individual and everyone in society should be accepted as they are."

Coskun Karakus

Luísa Goncalves Portrait

"I'm working with the Tech Academy team, and we provide learning solutions (trainings, online learning, workshops, etc) for people in tech roles. Currently I'm highly involved in developing Machine Learning workshops for techies, product and upper management. I love the fact that we're helping people learn something new and develop themselves. Further I’m supporting the Diversity Guild at Zalando. For me diversity is key, as it brings more exposure to people, but often I think we get stuck in the idea that we must have a more diverse company. It's not enough to bring more females/internationals/etc. to Zalando; we must make sure that Zalando becomes an inclusive place where different opinions and backgrounds are valued and are not a source of conflict. At the moment, the project I am most passionate about and have been investing most time on is Mentorship at Zalando. What excites me the most about this project is that, although its ultimate goal is to increase diversity in our leadership levels, it's also a programme that will help all Zalandos grow and develop – and I'm really passionate about that."

Luísa Goncalves


Nach Zalando Logistics hat auch Zalando SE die Charta der Vielfalt unterzeichnet und damit die Anerkennung und Wertschätzung des Unternehmens für Inklusion und Vielfalt am Arbeitsplatz signalisiert. Beim "Tag der Vielfalt", einer Tradition der Charta der Vielfalt eV, feiern wir die Bedeutung von Vielfalt als Teil der Mission von Zalando.

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Zalando's LGBTQI + -Community nimmt 2018 zum ersten Mal am Berliner Christopher Street teil und feiertden Berliner CSD mit einer farbenfrohen Kampagne. Christopher Street Day teil.

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Die Celebrate Her-Kampagne war inspiriert von dem Women's History Month und Zalando's Antwort auf Studien, die zeigen, dass Frauen am Arbeitsplatz oft übersehen und unterbewertet werden. Ziel der Kampagne war es, den Menschen zu helfen, diese Vorurteile zu überwinden und die Beiträge und Erfolge von Frauen bei Zalando hervorzuheben.

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